Mindless Eating

Do you ever find yourself feeling like this woman in the picture?

Most of the time I think I am doing ok with this 0-5 eating, yet sometimes….well….I fall back into old ways that feel so comfortable and familiar.

I had a few days like that not too long ago.  I didn’t mean to eat too much, yet once again, I felt too full and gross. There are times when I feel as if I go into a fog and so I guess it is not the best time to eat.  I want to eat.  My mouth wants to eat. But my stomach isn’t hungry for it.

Sometimes I stop and think, “Why am I eating this?”

I really want to know the WHY behind my behavior but sometimes I can’t find a reason other than




Once again, I was just slipping back into mindless eating patterns.

So what do I do now?
I can ask myself why I am eating this in a condemning and defeated way, or I can observe and correct.

I decide to flip through my truth cards and I see Romans 8:1 among them.

No condemnation

I realize I need to pray for help.

Lord, how I need You.  I can’t do this without Your Spirit, Oh Jesus. I need You to pull me up and away from these desires within me that pull me back into mindless eating again.”

“I need more than a whisper of Your still small voice but a SHOUT to wake me up. To help me know this desire to eat when I am not hungry is TEMPTATION.  I need a shout to wake me out of the fog of mindless eating.”

“Lord, my heart aches to do what You want.  I want to turn from the food and to eat mindfully. Help me, Oh Lord to think about what I am doing when I am in the midst of it.  Help me to make the right choices so that the next time I say “Why am I eating this?” The answer will be “because the Lord has provided it and it is the right time to enjoy it.” Yes, within Your boundaries, Oh Lord.”

“Lord, thank You that this moment is a new moment.  Your grace is new each moment and I am a new creation in You each time I turn to Your open arms.

“My child, I love you. Remember that nothing can take away my love.  I forgive you and you are set free!  I am with You and I will help You. You have to be still and listen for my voice, child. It is hard to be still when you have so much going on, I know, but that is when you have to make a special effort to pause and breathe and listen.  You have to take a moment to center yourself on Me.  Yes, breathe a prayer and ask for my help. I will give you power over the enemy and the sin and the desires.  I will give you power over old habit and old ways.”

“Oh child of mine, you may not know why you did what you did but you can still learn from it.  It all comes down to taking the moment to turn to Me.  In Me, you ARE a new creation who is free from sin.  But you have to remain in ME, child.  I am here for you and I love you.  Always.”



What about you?  What do you do if you find yourself slipping into mindless eating?  Do you mentally beat yourself up or do you “Observe and Correct”? Have you been pausing at the table and listening for God’s voice? Remember that God’s power over our old ways of eating is there for us to use.  Remember that you ARE a new creation in Him and that no matter what, He loves you.

4 Responses to Mindless Eating

  1. Nancy from Pensacola February 19, 2016 at 1:43 pm #

    This is my biggest obstacle right now. I just want to EAT. There has to be a reason, no? I’m not the type to surrender without some reason. I’ve done a lot of soul searching and have concluded food is my defense mechanism against my being deceived and hurt again. I’m working to overcome that, but meanwhile I still just want to EAT. I get so frustrated.

  2. Denise February 20, 2016 at 6:04 am #


  3. Joy February 20, 2016 at 12:11 pm #

    Thank you! I needed this!

  4. Nicole February 22, 2016 at 12:17 am #

    Thank you so much, I needed this and the Lord knows I did. I often hear that voice during a meal or snack “why am I eating this?” And unfortunately my response is to ignore the question and shove more food in my mouth. It’s not until I’m literally queasy (and angry at myself) that I ask, “why?!” ~ and honestly I rebel against answering, or praying, or confessing, until I hit rock bottom emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually toward the end of that day. Then I come to the Lord weary and sorrowful for acting the way I did.

    Thank you for jumping right into prayer. I am doing a bible study by Priscilla Shirer called the Armor of God and more than once she has said something like, “prayer is your victory over the war ~ if you’re not going to pray, you’re wasting your time. No bible study will bring you to victory…” And it’s convicting and overwhelming.

    That’s the answer.
    To all of our wars.


    But I am so deep in chronic, habitual sin that prayer is the last thing on my mind. I just want to feel good. I just want to eat in abundance at all times possible.

    My God…

    …anyway, thank you again for sharing your experience and what our gracious Father is working on in your heart and on your mind!

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