I’ve never known that, when you do wrong, it breeds more wrong-doing. After all of the progress I’ve had, I overate early this morning and completely fell off the rails.

Just one misstep, and I was back wanting to do wrong today. I want to eat everything in sight.

Now this is where the choice comes in. What are my choices? I have two:

  • One is to turn off of the TV and reset myself by getting into the Word as much as I can all day. Today will turn out to be a great day if I do that.
  • My other choice is to eat all day, receiving condemnation from the enemy. He’ll be accusing me and telling me that nothing has changed. He’ll taunt me saying “It’s no use doing Thin Within! I told you, you haven’t changed! It really doesn’t matter. Mind renewal is just hogwash! Just go ahead and eat!” 


But I want to tell you the outcome of the day!

I finished well today!

I did not let the enemy get the best of me!

What a huge victory for me. Yes, I fell off of the rails, but only for a short while.



This time was different from all of the other times! I finished by eating a modest portion only two meals after I had blown it!

Had I had this fall in my bingeing days, it would have been a disaster!

But guess what? The mind renewal is working! It’s actually changing me from the inside out!

There are a few words that I have now banned from my thinking vocabulary.   These are:

I’ll start tomorrow.

You might as well.



The word less is good; not more.

I still use the word tomorrow, but it has a new meaning and use…

Instead of saying “Well, you’ve blown it, so you might as well go ahead and eat now and just start tomorrow,” I tell myself “You can have that food tomorrow, if you want.” 

Next time I will not get tripped up with just one bite. But I’m glad that at least I learned a lot from that trip!



Wanda Walker

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