My daughter is a great kid. She is one of the best–even at 15 years of age. But there are times when I catch us going back and forth about something–usually about how she has been sooooo kind to her brother. It typically results in her declaring with great pride how she has done such-and-such and what lucky people we are for her doing what is expected of her. What is right. At times like these she earnestly proclaims what a wonderful person she is for her obedience and typically I respond with something like “…for doing what you are supposed to be doing!?”

It struck me yesterday that I do the same thing…when I am walking in obedience, I tend to get pretty puffed up. “Gee, look at me now…I am obedient.” The Lord is such a gentle Father, “Yes, child, you are doing what you are supposed to be doing….”

I wondered if over the past few years, I have allowed this thinking to go on. Then, when I notice how prideful I have gotten about my obedience, I have dealt with it, not by crucifying pride, but by stopping the obedience! It is as if I know my pride is a problem, but rather than dealing with the PRIDE at the place where it needs to be dealt with, I cut off the obedience…problem “solved.” Tough to be prideful when you are back to license again. In fact, much to the contrary–shame breeds there.

…for it is God who works in you 
to will and to act 
according to his good purpose. 
Philippians 2:13
This time, as God has allowed me to string together a series of moments given to him (obedience), I have seen this tendency coming. It still flabbergasts me. He has, again, lovingly reminded me that it is HE who is at work in me even making me WANT to be obedient. Additionally, I can’t even take credit for the choices I make, the ability to say no to temptation or yes to a good choice. His Spirit is at work in me causing me to WILL and ACT according to HIS good purpose.

So this time, rather than cut off the pride by cutting off what I am proud over, I will take it to Him…praise Him that HE is at work in me, causing me to WILL and to ACT according to HIS purpose, commit to pressing on and confessing pride. I will press on all the more. This is totally different than before! WHOO HOO!
He really is doing a new thing!