Hey, folks…this may be entry number 2 for today, but this is a quickie. If any of you would like to, you can download this pdf file of an Observation and Correction chart and print it out any day you choose to use it. Since we aren’t going through the book in 30 days and some of you might like to have these to record the Keys to Conscious Eating that you apply, I thought I would share this link. (They are in the book at the end of each chapter, too.)

Remember…charts and graphs are NOT things you NEED to do unless GOD says! Some of us find ourselves getting caught back in a legalistic dieting mentality when we try things like this…If that is the case for you, this might be a season that you don’t want to use these charts…it is ok!

But for those of you who the Lord may be leading to use this, there it is for your benefit as he leads! 🙂