Pleasers, Teasers, Whole Body Pleasers


In Thin Within, we are freed from the “good food/bad food” mentality.

Instead, we look at how much we enjoy various foods and also discern how our bodies respond after we eat them in moderation–0 to 5. In chapter 18 (bottom of page 185-189), we learn a practical tool for progressing in our journey.

We can mentally categorize foods into:
1. Pleasers
2. Teasers
3. Whole Body Pleasers
4. Total Rejects

This is the Discernment Phase of Thin Within. We have moved beyond freedom and, while continuing to exercise our freedom to enjoy any food in moderation, we now realize that we are free from *having* to eat a certain favorite food if it makes us feel energy depleted!

Because all things are permissible, but not all things are beneficial (1 Corinthians 6:12), we want to begin to take stock of these facts and respond accordingly. We are more than taste buds, so we begin to note that some foods make our entire body feel good.  These are the “Whole Body Pleasers.”

Diets typically have us eating foods that we view as “Total Rejects.” We don’t have to do that any more. But we may also find that some of the categories shift and grow. This is a good thing. Something that has been a “Pleaser” we may discover doesn’t energize us the way we need it to. We may end up calling it a “Teaser” or even a “Total Reject.” Cooked differently or with different seasonings to enhance the flavor, a food that is nutritionally dense, but that we have never appreciated the flavor of, may actually become a “Whole Body Pleaser!” These categories will shift and change with time. Let’s be adventurous and explore and experiment.

Over time, you will want more and more of your eating (which is all done 0 to 5) to include “Whole Body Pleasers”–foods that you enjoy *and* that leave you feeling energized!

How about you? Have you begun to notice how certain foods make you feel? What foods are “Whole Body Pleasers” for you? What foods are “Teasers?” “Pleasers?” “Total Rejects?” Has this changed for you over time so far?

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  1. Lee July 6, 2014 at 4:45 pm #

    Whole body pleaser is salmon. I realized how short I was on protein and have always loved salmon. Now, my hubby makes me up several regularly.
    Ice cream(vanilla) is a teaser, but needs to move to reject.
    Anything in the vending machine is a reject and has been for over a year.
    Now that I’m in my healthy weight zone, God has been working with me to deal with exercise(along with my doctor’s prodding).
    But, what’s the difference between a pleaser and a whole body pleaser?

  2. Karen Foster August 19, 2016 at 9:12 am #

    I love these categories. I’m sure it will help me determine what to eat without labeling food…good or bad. Maybe I should put pink post it notes on the teasers that I buy for my men folk at home. 🙂

  3. Mar Osborn August 19, 2016 at 2:42 pm #

    Thanks Heidi (for putting that together and posting it)!! You’re a gem!

  4. Ruth Hobbs December 3, 2016 at 8:17 am #

    I actually found that chapter the coolest in the book and I wish it was nearer the beginning because it was a complete ‘oh, yeah!? I see what ur sayin’ moment.
    I have often thought that some foods should be labelled as ‘slutty’ (sowwy if that sounds profane!) Because of the way they entice you and then leave you empty and dirty afterwards. But I have struggled to know if I should cut them out as a ‘rule’ because sometimes I can enjoy them in moderation. They are not ‘forbidden’ but I ask myself, “can I live without them?”, “Are they the things I enjoy the MOST?” Because they certainly COST the most! Nutritionally, and risk wise! I can eat posh chocolate slowly, gratefully and joyfully.. but cheap choc from the corner shop is always a reward or a rebellion or a regreted curiosity! Maybe setting a small goal of putting them in total rejects for 12 weeks and then considering the results afterward would be an interesting experiment. Thank God for making this a journey of flexible freedom in Jesus name!

    Having this community is really going to be useful. Most talk about recipes for being healthy or slim.. but this one really encourages us to focus on our hearts and nth Lord… so cool!

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