In Thin Within, we are freed from the “good food/bad food” mentality.

Instead, we look at how much we enjoy various foods and also discern how our bodies respond after we eat them in moderation–0 to 5. In chapter 18 (bottom of page 185-189), we learn a practical tool for progressing in our journey.

We can mentally categorize foods into:
1. Pleasers
2. Teasers
3. Whole Body Pleasers
4. Total Rejects

This is the Discernment Phase of Thin Within. We have moved beyond freedom and, while continuing to exercise our freedom to enjoy any food in moderation, we now realize that we are free from *having* to eat a certain favorite food if it makes us feel energy depleted!

Because all things are permissible, but not all things are beneficial (1 Corinthians 6:12), we want to begin to take stock of these facts and respond accordingly. We are more than taste buds, so we begin to note that some foods make our entire body feel good.  These are the “Whole Body Pleasers.”

Diets typically have us eating foods that we view as “Total Rejects.” We don’t have to do that any more. But we may also find that some of the categories shift and grow. This is a good thing. Something that has been a “Pleaser” we may discover doesn’t energize us the way we need it to. We may end up calling it a “Teaser” or even a “Total Reject.” Cooked differently or with different seasonings to enhance the flavor, a food that is nutritionally dense, but that we have never appreciated the flavor of, may actually become a “Whole Body Pleaser!” These categories will shift and change with time. Let’s be adventurous and explore and experiment.

Over time, you will want more and more of your eating (which is all done 0 to 5) to include “Whole Body Pleasers”–foods that you enjoy *and* that leave you feeling energized!

How about you? Have you begun to notice how certain foods make you feel? What foods are “Whole Body Pleasers” for you? What foods are “Teasers?” “Pleasers?” “Total Rejects?” Has this changed for you over time so far?