Do you remember the original Star Trek series? Captain Kirk and the crew of the Star Ship, “Enterprise,” were “on a five-year mission to seek out new life and new civilizations and to boldly go where no man had gone before.”  On their quest for new frontiers, they consistently ran across evil alien villains and situations that caused alarm to life, limb, and ship! 
During perilous times when the ship was in danger, the ship and crew would jump to “Red Alert.” Crimson lights flashed. A klaxon sounded. Battle stations were assumed. Sometimes, during the turbulence and explosions that occurred during these near-disasters, crew members flew from one side of the set…er…ship’s bridge… to the other. Scotty or Sulu blasted the phasers at the enemy, yet again defying intergalactic disaster! The “bad guys” were either blown up or conceded in retreat. We breathed a sigh of relief. Today would not be the day that Captain Kirk’s mission would come to an end.
Over the past 15 months or so, I have experienced a “disaster” of my own. Worse than any “salt vampire” (see image to the left) or other evil alien enemy, however, I have been battling an enemy I can’t seem to ditch. As ridiculous as it sounds, the enemy that hounds me is my pride.
Just recently, I have begun a somewhat tenuous recovery. Even so, the enemy remains. Like a scanner on Enterprise sensing the presence of a life form “from beyond,” there is a “Holy Spirit” alarm blaring. 
I first heard it yesterday and it is present in my life as I begin this day as well. It tells me to be vigilant.
I am studying the book of Daniel during my quiet time and, as my eyes fell upon the last phrase in chapter 4 this morning, it resonated with truth for me today:

…those who walk in pride he is able to humble.
~ Daniel 4:37b

Somehow I have a perverse way of changing delight in being obedient into pride. Pride keeps resurfacing. It makes no earthly sense to me! Anything good or godly in me, if there be such a thing, is a product not of me, my efforts, or wisdom. The truth is, I am but a humble servant of the Most High. GOD alone is to be exalted.

I get so darn excited…truly buoyant when I finally string together some babysteps of obedience. My flesh takes that and runs with it into self-exaltation.  RED ALERT!!! RED ALERT! And if you will pardon my reference to more than one SciFi series, “Danger!! Danger, Will Robinson!”

I long to find the balance between praising GOD for HIS work in me and proper humility.

His Word says in Philippians 2:13: “For it is God who works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose.

 Anything I may do that even remotely seems obedient, good, God-honoring…well, it is ONLY because His Spirit is at work in me motivating me and giving me the ability and desire. This is all grace! I think it is time for an installment at the gratitude blog. I have found that gratitude is a sure antidote to pride.

Time to recommit to practicing it a bit more. I know that when I choose to give gratitude to God, it puts me right in my place where I belong. Today, I will begin afresh committing my way to practicing gratitude.