Renewing My Mind – Evening Eating Part 2


This week we are hitting “Night-Time Eating” head on by creating truth cards that will help us fight the lies we believe that cause us to give in to temptation after dinner with TRUTH.

Today, I want to share with you page two  in my truth card deck!

  • This “habit” (of eating at night) is the single BIGGEST hindrance to my confidence that I am currently at my God-given size.

After I obsessed and went nuts and dropped all the weight I did, it was clear that I had gone too far. So I am not at that LOOOOOW a weight right now. I am good with that. But what I *don’t* know is if I am where I should be. I don’t think the number matters at all. But night-time eating is sort of a bug-a-boo for me. I haven’t conquered it at all. I know that many evenings, I do “desire” eating. If I were to be obedient during this trouble time, I know that I would have confidence that no matter what my size or number or whatever, I am right where God intends for me to be.

  • I need to CHOOSE to surrender my “desire eating” in the evening to God. Will I?

It really boils down to WILL I OBEY GOD? Or my desires?

  • Will I call “foul” to God when he asks me to give evening eating over to him?

Is this one of those areas where I retain *my* (supposed) rights? Or am I truly surrendered…”Not my will, but thine be done?” No food tastes as good as obedience feels!

  • Is giving up food after dinner (when I am not hungry) worth what I get in return?

There truly is no sweeter sensation–no tantalizing taste-bud thrill–than loving God with my choices. The peace that I experience when I submit to his authority is just SO wonderful!


Are these truths that you can add to your truth card deck? How is it going for you using your truth cards? What truths can you add to these that I have posted?

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10 Responses to Renewing My Mind – Evening Eating Part 2

  1. Michelle October 8, 2013 at 5:00 am #

    Thanks Heidi!! I sooo need the truth!!! I’m going to write these truths down as they soooo hit home to my heart for me! My hardest times to remain focused are when I’m home in the evenings. I’m tired and want to relax and comfort myself. The truth is and I’m witnessing this myself, is that it DOES feel better the next day if I obey in the evenings. I’m not at a zero after dinner….TRUTH. I wake up happy if I obey in the evening…TRUTH…I need to be “awake” & aware of the lies in the evenings. I can relax at night, I just cant eat to relax if I’m not hungry! Thank you for being so open with us. I really needed this today and thank God for sending your message to me!!! Have a great day!!!

    • Heidi Bylsma October 11, 2013 at 6:24 am #

      Michelle…so glad that these truths are on the mark for you. Thanks for your kind words, too. 🙂

  2. senkyoushi October 8, 2013 at 7:41 am #

    These last two posts have been helpful for me. I, too, have a big problem with evening eating. Right now, I am stateside, so I’m wanting to eat all that American food that I haven’t had in over a year! HA! “No food tastes as good as obedience feels!” I’m going to write this on my truth cards and in my journal. I’m still working on week 2. I haven’t quit, but it’s taking me awhile. It’s o.k. because I am moving forward. Thanks so much for your blog. I know it is time-consuming, but it is such a help to me.

    • Heidi Bylsma October 11, 2013 at 6:25 am #

      Hi, Senkyoushi. I am so glad they have been helpful. How is your trip to the states going? And I meant to congratulate you on completing week 2!!! I hope you are finding a lot of benefit as you begin week 3 as well. 🙂

  3. Carrie October 8, 2013 at 8:45 am #

    Thanks Michelle. Your msg also helped me.

  4. Jamie Moe October 8, 2013 at 6:44 pm #

    Thank you Heidi for sharing…very helpful and is a great reminder. I will make my own Night Owl eating card and stick it on my refrigerator to stare me in the face when I’m tempted to snack when not hungry. : )

    1 Corinthians 10:13

    Amplified Bible (AMP)

    13 For no temptation (no trial regarded as enticing to sin), [no matter how it comes or where it leads] has overtaken you and laid hold on you that is not common to man [that is, no temptation or trial has come to you that is beyond human resistance and that is not [a]adjusted and [b]adapted and belonging to human experience, and such as man can bear]. But God is faithful [to His Word and to His compassionate nature], and He [can be trusted] not to let you be tempted and tried and assayed beyond your ability and strength of resistance and power to endure, but with the temptation He will [always] also provide the way out (the means of escape to [c]a landing place), that you may be capable and strong and powerful to bear up under it patiently.

    • Heidi Bylsma October 11, 2013 at 6:26 am #

      I love that. “Night Owl Eating” truth card. YES! We could even create another bible study on that type of eating, I bet! 🙂 If you do that, Jamie, shoot it to me in an email to share with readers here as a blog post! 🙂

      • Jamie Moe October 11, 2013 at 9:17 pm #

        OK Heidi, If I do I will let you know. : ) God blessings to you.

  5. Mar Osborn June 24, 2016 at 7:13 am #

    Oh Heidi, your words, “No food tastes as good as obedience feels” are SPOT-ON, oh my heart is filled with yet MORE peace AND relief AND encouragement! Thanks so much!

    • Pam Amos June 25, 2016 at 8:57 am #


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