Hmmm…if I really stop and get still about this “issue”…that of my body, how I feel about it, how it functions (and, admittedly, how it *looks*…which I hope to be less of an issue for me as I grow up!), and ask the Lord “Lord, what do YOU have to say about it? What is your heart about this?” I come away with a very different viewpoint than when I shut him out of this. He is interested! He does care!!!

Let’s all ask ourselves some questions:

Can I be still, quiet my heart and mind for a bit and wait on the Lord, wait to hear the HOLY Spirit (as opposed to “the condemning spirit,” or the “perfectionist spirit” or…whatever else) testify to my heart what the Lord’s mind and heart is for me in this? AM I healthy? AM I functioning the way He intends? Is there anything that I am in denial about, anything I fear, anything that I idolize in this area of my life? What does *HE* want of me? Does he want me to be more active and prayerfully, joyfully, worshipfully move my body more frequently? Am I obsessed and does he want me to have freedom from insisting on 90 minutes of cardiovascular workouts each day and strength training 4 days each week? Does he want me to allow more “meat on my bones?” Or does he want me to realize that I am making my heart work too hard by carrying extra weight on my frame? Does he want me to come to peace with food and my body in a way that my physical body doesn’t seem to indicate I need to? Do I fixate too much on clothes…does my vanity with wanting to look a certain way keep me from being humble, modest and able to be set free?

What does the *Lord* want for me?

These are questions that we can benefit from asking — but let’s ask the LORD what the truth is! As we do, we may come out of the experience better able to have a vision for where we are heading with the Lord as our guide relative to food, eating, our bodies and views of ourselves.

On page 76 of the HEAL book, the authors give us examples of “Body Vision Statements” of others who have allowed the Lord to guide and direct them in this process. I, too, want to allow the Lord to give me His vision of what he wants for me. Part of my Body Vision Statement includes “To release fear, to make peace with my body, to rest in a lifestyle where I keep the proper balance and don’t become focused on me, but on serving others and the Lord…”

How about you? What does the Lord have to say about these things to you?