Do you feel totally defeated by the holidays? I hope not!

But if you do, consider this…the Thin Within book says, a single defeat never has to be a final defeat! We learn a million things that don’t work in our journey to discover what does! So maybe you learned this holiday a bunch of things that don’t work if you are going to walk in victory over obsession with food, dieting, exercise and so forth. Celebrate all you learned! 🙂

If we feel bloated, fat, overweight, stuck, and most of all…SHAME…we have a choice right now. What will you do with this moment? This choice?

Will you make a flesh-filled choice, based on your emotions? That generally leads to more shame, more bloated feelings and more feelings of defeat. (Unfortunately, this is an all-too-familiar place where we spend lots of time…)


Will you take this moment captive for the Lord, for yourself and the goals you have…and choose to make a FAITH-filled choice? Will you observe and correct right now, in this moment and just choose now to step forward?

“Forgetting what is behind, we press on…”

THIS moment matters!