Have you  ever heard the saying,  “If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging?” I woke up with this saying in my mind early one morning. I started to think, How was I digging in regards to food? 

I realized that I was sabotaging myself and digging a deeper hole that I would have to get back out of.

God spoke to me and answered my question:

  • When I don’t wait for 0 or empty I am digging myself deeper into my hole.
  • When I bring food in the house that I know I cannot handle or my portion sizes are too big, I am digging myself deeper.
  • When I eat for emotional reasons or binge eat, I am digging myself deeper.
  • When I don’t renew my mind enough so that transformation can take place, I am digging myself deeper.
  • When I’m not willing to surrender my destructive will, I am digging myself deeper.

Learning how to untie those awful lies that I accepted, allowed into my thinking, and believed has been a daunting task.

The Lord is using this overeating stronghold and my weakness – this entire season in my life, really – to bring me closer to Him. For that I am eternally grateful!



Wanda Walker

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