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Image Source: iStockPhoto

“Surrender your 5.”

I heard it loud and clear one afternoon.

I had just launched into an hour long temper tantrum as I wrestled with God over the fact that I had gained two pounds that week. I simply couldn’t believe it! So I stood my ground with Him, listing all the things I had worked so hard at that week. I was diligent in waiting for my 0 each day. I made food choices that were in line with my Whole Body Pleasers. I took great care to plan my hunger around the Christmas parties I had attended that week, ensuring that I arrived at a 0. I renewed my mind to avoid temptation lurking in my kitchen (homemade sugar cookies, yummm!) when I wasn’t at a 0. I had done all these things, so how could I possibly have gained two pounds that week?!

“Surrender your 5, Becky.”

I heard it again. And it was in that moment that things became very clear to me.

In my Thin Within journey, I have gotten to a point where waiting for my 0 has become like second nature. I can wait for it and recognize it pretty easily before I begin eating (Praise God! What an awesome victory!). My 0 is glaringly obvious. I can’t ignore it, I can’t pretend it’s not there, I can’t quiet it. A 0 is a 0 for me, no doubt about it!

But the 5…..ohhhh that 5 is much more of an elusive target fore me to hit! 5 has always been a bit difficult for me to define and find. The margin for a 5 is rather wide. On one end of the spectrum, a 5 can be “just enough,” where you stop eating at the first moment you begin to feel satisfied. On the other end of the spectrum, a 5 can be “one bite shy of a 6”. And in between those two marks is a vast area that can contain ten more potato chips or five more bites of a sandwich or another spoonful of yogurt. When you add in the fact that it often takes my brain twenty minutes to register just how satisfied I truly am, the 5 is pretty easy for me to misjudge and blaze right by!

And that afternoon the Lord revealed to me through the Holy Spirit’s conviction in my heart that I had been selfishly camping on the far end of the spectrum, trying to see just how many extra bites I could take and still stay under a 6. I justified it because I had been so patient to wait for that 0 to come around, I “deserved” to eat those extra five bites of my sandwich. Oooof, that’s not fun to admit!

With this realization, He also gave me a technique to use to ensure I have the opportunity to recognize my 5 and gravitate towards the other end of the 5 spectrum, where I first begin to feel satisfied. He showed me that I can 1) ensure my meal is truly a fist-sized meal 2) I can stop eating 2/3 of the way through my meal, put my fork down and prayerfully ask Him if the remaining food on my plate is something my body truly needs or just something I selfishly want.

If it’s not something my body needs, am I willing to surrender my 5 and the rest of the food on my plate in obedience to the Lord? I can’t say that surrendering my 5 has been an easy exercise! In fact, it is the single most difficult thing for me to do in my Thin Within journey right now. But I do know that those two steps above can help me ensure that I get closer to hitting the mark with my 5. I am also armed with the knowledge that this is indeed possible since I can do all things through Christ (Phil 4:13)! Not only is it possible, but this is a step I can take towards lasting freedom!

How about you?

Is it difficult for you to define your 5? How do you know when you’ve reached it? Are you ever tempted to eat a few more bites once you have first realized you’re satisfied? Do you sometimes just get so excited to finally eat that you blaze right past your 5? Do you have any effective strategies for knowing when you’ve reached a 5 and surrendering the rest of the food on your plate? Are you willing to surrender your 5?

Written by: Becky Y.

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