Judy Halliday asked me something a month or two ago that has stuck with me. I guess it has been “fermenting” in my mind and heart.

She knows that the book Thin Again was used powerfully in my life. It is a book (for those of you who don’t know about it) that was released first in 1995 with the title Silent Hunger. Then, it was published a couple of times (same book) as Thin Again. Most recently, it has been published with yet another title: Get Thin Stay Thin.

I haven’t been crazy about the newest title, liking the first title the most. But there is something that has been resonating in me with this latest title…even if I don’t like the title. I think it is the fact that…well, ok, I have gotten thin. But will I stay thin? The title is sort of speaking an answer to that. It sounds weird to say that…

So anyhow…Judy knows that years ago, I was passionate about how this book NEEDS a workbook to help people work through it and to discuss it in a small group setting. At the time we were working on the writing of the Thin Within book, it just wasn’t God’s time, though. Since then, I have brought it up a couple of times as well. It still hasn’t been time.

You can imagine my surprise when Judy mentioned it to me. I still am uncertain that we will move forward with the idea now, but the timing of it intrigues me. Right now, when I am most in need of revisiting some of the deeper issues behind my dysfunctional relationship with food, it does seem intriguing that it might be time now to launch into a writing project…the one I have had a passion for in the past.

Over a year ago, I even tried to reread the Thin Again book. I couldn’t get into it.

Today, I picked it up again. (Thus, the title of this blog entry: Thin Again? Again? LOL!)

Each word is resonating with me just like it did so many years ago. I hope to process some of it here on the blog…and as I do, perhaps some of the ideas for the workbook that we will be working on writing will surface.

If you have the book Silent Hunger, Thin Again, or Get Thin Stay Thin (again, these are all the same book with different titles), PLEASE consider participating in this by posting comments at the end of the blog entries. I would LOVE to get feedback from others and see how God uses our exchange to show me what HE wants in a possible workbook.

Just to whet your appetite, here is from the Introduction…

“Hunger is a universal experience. Television, newspapers, and magazines bring wide-eyed and sunken-cheeked faces from around the world into our homes and our hearts, and we are grieved. yet even those of us fortunate enough to have an abundance of food are hungry. We sit down three times a day to tables laden with food, but our deepest hunger is not satisfied.

“Each of us has a hunger deep within where no one can see. And although it may not be obvious, this hunger is the most universal of all. It is the silent hunger of the starving soul. It is silent because we don’t recognize it or have words to describe it; silent because it has been muted with years of behavior designed to still its voice; silent because the noise of our world prevents it from being heard.

“But this hunger cannot be completely silenced. It cries out to be heard. It is our compelling desire to be loved, protected, and considered precious. It is a God-given hunger for genuine intimacy wherein our deepest needs for security and significance can be substantially met.”

(Get Thin Stay Thin page 11)


I hope you see what I mean. If you don’t have this book you can get it for less than $7.00 in its latest incarnation. 🙂

More in the days ahead.

Let’s talk about it!