Hi, everyone. I am excited about the new material being woven together for God’s precious sheep! YAY! Thank you for your prayers! They were felt mightily. I would continue to covet your prayers!

Needless to say, I didn’t get any additional study done in our Thin Within book study! So…I am behind another week!

Today, though, I want to share something with you…a video from You Tube… “Just As I Am” sung in his inimitable way by Brian Doerkson … it is powerful. As you watch it, if you do, please know to the depth of you being…the LORD LOVES YOU right now…totally. He accepts you NOW, as you ARE…no matter your size, shape, struggles. You can’t do a single solitary thing to win his love more. You can’t “convince” him you are worthy…he declares you worthy.

And if you are touched at all by this song, could you please post a comment at You Tube? (Just click on the video where it says YouTube to arrive at YouTube to see the video and be able to comment.) The lady responsible for the video could use encouragement herself. I would love for us to minister to her for her willingness to minister to us. Thank you…let Jesus love you through the words of this timeless hymn!