Yesterday, I planned to eat the rest of the french bread. I had been at 0 and was no longer hungry and had just planned on eating the rest. It was a modest amount. It was likely ok. I wasn’t at a 5 yet.

I realized my hands needed washing from chores I had done before I started eating, so stopped eating the french bread to get up and wash my hands. As I did, in that moment I decided “I don’t really need the rest of the french bread. I won’t eat it.”

Mind you, this was WONDERFUL french bread with real butter! It was verrrry tasty…YUM! But I didn’t *need* it. I wrapped it up and put it away and headed off to do other things.

Then I wondered…”Why did I do that?” This struck me. I had just done something that was so COUNTER to the way I had lived much of my life. I had stopped eating mid-meal…

The question became “Why *can* I do that when two years ago I wouldn’t…I couldn’t!”

God has taught me a very important principle. If I could share one thing with anyone interested in releasing weight and living free of the stronghold of overeating, obsessive thoughts about food and the body, it would be this…


THIS one. And the one immediately before we take the next bite (or don’t).

Each and every moment matters. I have a choice about each moment. I can capture each for the Lord. Or not. But let us not buy the lie that the moment doesn’t matter. That is hogwash! A life is made up of moment piled upon moment.

No moment is insignifcant or incidental.

Think of the things that are accomplished in a moment.

What will you do with this moment?

What about THIS one? 🙂

Enough captured for the Lord and you have an hour of victory!

Enough of *those* and you have a DAY!

Surrender happens in the moment. Don’t worry about the *next* moment. Just grab this one! Give it to the Lord!


I believe that this is the key to success over the long haul…it is in recognizing the Lord has given us each moment as a precious treasure. Where will we offer that treasure? Will we offer it to Him and for Heaven’s purposes? Or will we claim it for our flesh? Will we use it to build a glorious, healthy temple of God (our bodies) or will we use the moment to tear down just a bit, that which He is doing and longs to complete in us?

Let’s cooperate with His purposes and His will! Let’s capture THIS moment for Him!