Clarity can be found in the pages of the HEAL book where the “Three Types of Hunger” is discussed. Head hunger, heart hunger and stomach hunger are all hungers that are legitimate hungers that demand to be fed.

However, so often we feed the hunger the wrong thing.

When we eat in response to these hungers, we either engage in desire eating, emotional eating or healthy eating, respectively. HEAL, page 60

This seems so clear to me.

The cool thing is, “Healthy Eating” isn’t defined as *what* I eat so much as *why*. When I eat in response to stomach hunger, *that* is healthy eating.

I put together a video to share some of this material in the HEAL book in lesson 3 on the three types of hunger. It was 10 minutes of footage that I edited down to just under 5 minutes. It is a bit “rough.” Hope you don’t mind! 🙂