You are making your way through Day 2, Day 3, and Day 17 this week.

In addition, as you have time, consider these questions and tasks:

1.) During Day Two, we read about God’s character. You have also been keeping a running list of all of his attributes and the ways he deals with his people. Which of these characteristics and attributes has come home most deeply and warmly to your own heart in the past few days? What characteristic do you feel most distant from experiencing, but would like to experience first hand in a fresh way?

2.) During the goal setting activity in Day Three, I want to caution you…remain focused on the Lord and His love and will for you. Please don’t fixate on numbers. If I could adjust anything about this book, it would probably be this chapter as many people misunderstand the focus here…they are so willing to return to focusing on sizes, weight, measurements. Please ask God to help you to understand what He wants for you in this material. If you have trouble with the goal setting activity, set it aside. Please do not allow it to be a blockade to pressing on. The enemy is crafty!

3.) One reader of the blog (I think it was Peggy) said that she chooses a theme for each day based on one of the attributes of God. I LOVE that idea. Let’s try that! First thing in the morning, let’s praise him for (at least) one of the things on our ever-growing list. Let’s then ask him to walk with us through the day in that way…so if I select “Lord, you are my shepherd,” I will take that through my day, asking God to make me aware of him as my shepherd throughout my day. As you try this (Peggy, tell us how *you* do it, ok?), note how it affects you, your thinking, your speaking, your living, your eating. Ask God to bring it home to you. If he is really sufficient, if we are to FEAST on him, then we have to dig in! 🙂

4.) Try writing down three things you are grateful for each day in your journal or start a gratitude blog online (more on that later this week).

5.) How have you seen practicing random acts of praise affecting your eating? Share that with us if you feel so inclined.

6.) Which key to conscious eating still challenges you the most? Share it with us so we can pray for you. Remember six of the keys are designed to help you to know how/when to do the other two…eating when you are hungry and stopping when you are satisfied. Are you walking in freedom from diet rules? 🙂

This message will post on Tuesday…and I will be at Lake Tahoe with my baby girl enjoying a celebration with friends of her 16th birthday! I will catch up with all of you when I get back. Don’t forget the two opportunities we have to chat this week–Wednesday at 7pm Pacific time and Friday morning at 7AM Pacific time! Hope to see you at one or both!