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And so we begin Week 4 of our Weight Loss Bible Study. You have made it about half way. Don’t worry if you are going at a different pace or are joining us late. What matters is that you persevere. That may look different for each of us. Some may be going along right as I post, doing the studies each week. Others may do one a week or one of the studies every other week. Please know there is NO condemnation for you. I celebrate that you are here, asking God to have his way in this aspect of our lives!

Think back to Barb’s great insight from the Appearance Eating study that if we make this be all about our weight, we WILL be tempted to throw in the towel. But if we realize that this is about so much more than that, we will be more likely to persevere. God is merely using our struggles with food, eating, our size to remind us of how much we need him. It is a training ground for all things godly. For sanctification which will be a process we endure our whole lives long! Let us not grow weary in doing good. Let us keep at it!

With that in mind, have you been continuing to work on your renewing of your mind goal? If not, might I urge you to recommit to that? Back in week 1 of our study, Barb Raveling encouraged us to set a renewing of the mind goal. We can adjust this, tweek it, modify it, but we don’t want to bail on it! It is the heart of change. The core of growth! God says we are transformed by the renewing of our minds, so let’s renew our thinking about what failure really is, shall we?

Here are some thoughts I have as we look ahead this week at our study:

This week we will be focusing on Day 7, Failure Eating, and Day 8, Holiday and Vacation Eating, of Barb’s Weight Loss Bible Study.


1. Complete Barb’s Day 7 and Day 8 materials.

2. Continue with your Renewing of the Mind goal or “tweek” it and continue to renew your mind at the times set you set. This is the heart of what we are doing if we are going to act differently! 🙂

3. Remember to post here this week to have your name entered into the drawing late Thursday night. I announce the winners on Friday. You can win a Thin Within book, a Hunger Within book, or a week of coaching.

What do you think about the thoughts shared in the video?