Photo Courtesy of iStock Photo

Photo Courtesy of iStock Photo

This week’s drawing winner is: Dawn


I will contact you via email and you can select:

Thin Within book by Arthur and Judy Halliday, donated by the Thin Within ministry

Hunger Within book by Arthur and Judy Halliday, donated by Arthur and Judy Halliday

One week of one-on-one coaching with yours truly (me)

Let me know which you would prefer! 🙂

Remember, each week through April, anyone who comments gets their name placed in a “hat” and a lucky winner is drawn! The more comments you make (relevant and supportive, of course! LOL!) the more chances you have to win.


This week we have had a chance to consider the lies we believe and how this contributes to an attitude of feeling like this is just too hard as well as hopelessness. We sometimes deal with these feelings by eating our way through them! As with all of Barb’s studies it will be really helpful if we nip these in the bud and recognize when they rear their ugly heads. We don’t want to be victims to our run-away thoughts, but, instead, take our thoughts captive.

So here are some lies that you may believe…

  • I just can’t do this
  • This is too hard.
  • God must want me to be fat since he hasn’t delivered me from this.
  • That food that I want will make me feel better and it is just one time.
  • This is too hard and it is my only vice, after all.
  • I have been this way all my life and so I will surely be this way til the day I die.

Can you think of any more lies to add to this list?

Even better…can you think of TRUTHS to refute these lies?

Please share in the comments!