Words Have Weight


Written by Heather DeJesus Yates

Friend, I am a writer, and the constant battle is in sharing my words. (I’m about to share a lot of them and it’s risky for me still!) If the enemy can shut down your voice he can shut down your soul, it’s an age-old tactic, and often comes when we allow him to direct our focus on others in comparison. If we compared ourselves with those who have spoken or lived before us – none of us would ever say a word! Your words are yours, and your story is yours, and all of it is handwritten by God for a purpose, and we need them! God doesn’t waste his creation, all his works point to His majesty…you are one of the many and as a woman – prized above all. As for mattering to Jesus, I struggle with trusting His nature as “good” because life has been and is Hard. Pain in childhood with assaults and whatnot, and hardships along the way in my own life or in the world we see daily, are fodder for the enemy’s lie that God is bad, can’t be trusted, comfort yourself at all cost with all means necessary. So God has been ever patient with me (who am I to accuse God of being bad??) and He has been woo’ing me with His goodness for some time now. He has slowly revealed to me His good intentions behind some of the darkest hours of my soul, and it is disorienting to realize that what I once thought was mean and cruel, was a gift for me. God has taken pain and transformed it into blessing, and I am practicing a pro-active trust for today’s pain – that it too can and will be worked together for some more good in my life (Rom 8:28). Also, I have thought about the woman in Jesus’ story, she lived in Samaria (where no respectable Jew went), and she was broken, an outcast socially because of her poor lifestyle choices, lonely, longing and grasping at Mr. Right Now to fill her emptiness. Did she matter? Not to those in her community. Was she an idiot? Some thought so. But what is Jesus’ thoughts toward her? What is Truth? John 4:4 reveals it to us, “Jesus NEEDED to go to Samaria…” Many took the longer route to avoid it but Jesus purposely went to the rejected place for the rejected woman. She needed Him, but He needed her too…He loved her, and went where she was and met her right in her “I don’t matter, I’m an idiot” season and spoke His Truth to her. She believed him too, afterall, He went out of His way (actually from Heaven to Earth), for rejected women…who else would do that? Because of her belief in Him, His truth – regardless of how others had treated her – SHE experienced freedom. AND lo and behold, she had overflow and shared His love and Truth with the same community that treated her wrongly. What?!? That’s a transformed life, not a slightly improved self-help plan in action. Sister was freed.

A lie I have believed is that life is hard, painful, scary, and God allows for it because He just wants me to suffer all the time…and cannot be trusted to care for me and comfort me, so I need to take care of myself and comfort myself in order to survive this wilderness until I make it Home. Like I said above, I’m learning that this is loaded with lies, like the one first launched at Eve, and made her doubt God, doubt His goodness, doubt His honesty. God used one word to describe Himself when He introduced himself to Moses in the cleft of the rock…and of all the words He could have chosen that would be true, He chose this one: goodness. God is good, and God is in control, and He works all things together for my good…no matter what mess I’m in. Therefore, whatever struggle or pain I face, God has a plan, and He has good for my soul…but it may not feel good for a while or in the way I expect. Comforting myself outside His boundaries for me will feel good for a moment or few, but it won’t BE good for me. Ps. 84:11 “God withholds no good thing from those who walk uprightly.” If He is withholding food from me, (not giving me hunger – or giving me satisfaction while I still have food to eat), than it is for a good reason that He is withholding it. If the food is good for me, He won’t withhold it…He’ll give me hunger and room to still eat before I’m satisfied. This may be a life-long lesson 🙂 Life is hard, it will bring pain and trials and I will suffer, but my hope is without end because God has goodness in Himself present with me in this life as well.

3 Responses to Words Have Weight

  1. Marge September 26, 2016 at 6:20 am #

    You did a super job expressing your thoughts and what’s on your heart!
    This was very helpful to me, thank you!
    It is so beneficial to have others (as yourself) to come along side us as we walk this journey to freedom.

  2. Carisa Guerrera November 3, 2016 at 8:18 am #

    Thank you for sharing. I too had a hard childhood, and believed that life was about shame and pain. But, now I see God’s love anf blessing in so many areas of my life. The 0-5 is me practicing. There are more weeks of practice the 0-5, and when something throws me off, I pray or repent and make the choice to get up again, and start over. Its been down 6# up 5#. But, its a process and I am learning. I find its much easier to start over again with TW then it was with WD. With WD there was 2-3 months in between, and now there is praying for myself when I fall, and get up and going. I call it , ok today I will practice and see what happens. ?

  3. Joanne W. May 26, 2017 at 2:04 pm #

    Thank you so much for this. I had a very bad childhood growing up. Certain family members played favoritism and always reminding me that my younger sibling was smarterthan me. Growing up, I went into “surviving mode”, I began to take care of me because no one else was going to do it. I was disappointed by two fathers, one being my step-father and my biological dad. One put me down and both of them let me down. Throughout my adult years, I lived my past until one early December morning in 2013 when God had to finally step in. He took away my furry best friend Jasper (a cat). When he died in my arms I was angry at God, but then I realized this was my wake up call and I had a choice to make. Am I going to stay stuck or let go of all this “stuff” and let God heal me. Thankfully I did the latter. I have a good ways to go and I always have to remind myself to trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not on my own understanding…Proverbs 4:5

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