I stumbled upon the following post by Brian Wansink at his Amazon.com blog:

Lose 33 lbs. by Drinking Coffee?

9:25 PM PDT, May 17, 2009
Last Thursday night in Minnesota, I gave a speech about some of the small – and seemingly bizarre – changes in diets that have led to people losing large amounts of weight. 

Afterward a woman in her early fifties excitedly told she had last 33 pounds in the past 6 months by making only one change:  She started drinking black coffee.  More accurately, she had started drinking black coffee because she had stopped drinking it with cream and sugar.

Of the hundreds of  small changes people have told me about that have helped them lose 25 lbs or more in less than a year, this was a first.  When I was back at the hotel, I did a little math.  Unless this woman drank over 7 cups of coffee a day (a possibility), the math didn’t add up.

What I suspect happened was that she did make this cream and sugar change.  But this cream and sugar change probably led to her making other changes that were less obvious to her.  It might have given her less of a sweet-tooth or less of a reason to sit down for a snack.

What small changes have you made that have led to other unexpected changes in what or how much you ate?

Even in the short 24 hours or so since I have stepped forward with my own little change for this week, I have seen the truth in what Dr. Wansink says above. Being intentional about a little change, makes a difference in other ways!
As I mentioned, my biggest “challenge” will be whether or not I can take on these Babystep Challenges and:

1.) Not obsess about it, but remain obsessed with only ONE thing–my Lord Jesus!

2.) Refuse to beat myself up over the head if I do *not* “succeed” in one instance (or more) to meet my challenge of leaving food on my plate (yesterday I honestly forgot during one eating occasion…and I have to decide what to do with that…observe and correct or beat myself up!)

3.) Refuse to pat myself on the back in pride if I DO “succeed” in meeting my challenge!
These things are so much deeper than the physical act of leaving a few bites on my plate or in my bowl! Gosh, how simple things can be SO deep for me is beyond me! LOL!