Harley, my horse, is being treated for worms that may have caused him to colic…encysted strongyle larvae or something like that. Melissa is going over and above the call of duty in trying to get him to eat and drink…Today I saw him to trim his feet and he is doing much better…looks better.

Bo,my dog, does NOT have heartworm and is now on a heartworm preventative. He does have bronchitis and so he is taking an antibiotic in the hopes that if it is bacterial we can knock it out of his system. He is also on a wormer for intestinal parasites. I have noticed him being much more playful than he has been in months and think he is feeling better! YAY!

My other three horses have been picky about eating. Not sure what is up with that. It has me a bit concerned. I am supplementing their hay right now to be sure they get enough to eat. They are all ribby. My horses are typically fat, if anything.

I have a pretty nasty case of “pain in the rear” if you get my drift 😮 and also an ulcer. My symptoms sure happened all of a sudden. My weight escalated 12 pounds in about as many days…that caused me alarm. I felt like someone was inflating me. Yes, I was gassy, and bloated, but it didn’t make sense that I should have that much water or gas or whatever on me so suddenly. I was struggling with pain in my stomach…it could only be alleviated by keeping a tiny bit of food in my stomach…not much, but some…and definitely NOT my husband’s salsa!

The upshot, I have an ulcer! Never had that before!

Today I went to the doctor and she is treating me for all of the above. Here’s hoping that the pain will go away. Today, I found I could find a place of approaching 0, catching it just before the pain got too harsh, eat to about a 3 and stop…and select only foods that wouldn’t rip into my stomach.

I have been struggling with why all of this stuff has been happening. It seems almost like a cruel joke for me to feel PAIN when I get to a 0. So…for now, I will trust that God is going to renew my heart and mind, change my view of this, show me blessing somehow in it…and that I will get off the extra weight…I simply refuse to go back to my former way of life because of discouragement.

This TOO is a new thing! I can be “derailed” to the tune of 12 pounds in a short period of time, but so what. That does NOT spell the end of the road. I can release it again, even if it is real weight and not merely water weight.

All for now. Time for bed!