What do I believe about myself and the One Who has made me? Am I junk? Can my choices over decades cause me to become junk?

What I believe about these things will radically affect how I live. The same is true for you. Conversely, the way I live indicates what I really believe about these things.

I mentioned earlier this week that I want to think biblically so I will live biblically. The scriptures declare that I am fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139) by the sovereign King of the universe. Do I believe this?

Or do I believe that I am junk? Where does that belief come from? Do I think that I can get in the way of God’s perfect creation? Has my behavior somehow rendered his declaration of my “fearfully and wonderfully made” status, null and void? No way! What is thinking biblically in this case?

For the LORD Almighty has purposed, 
and who can thwart him? 
His hand is stretched out, 
and who can turn it back?
– Isaiah 14:27

It sounds pithy and trite, perhaps…but it isn’t just a cute phrase on a button or t-shirt.  

“God doesn’t make junk.”

And His purposes can’t be thwarted. He created me fearfully and wonderfully and that is the way I am now, too, no matter how I have lived over the years. I am still precious in His site, beloved, and treasured. This  is thinking biblically. If I believe this, I will live accordingly.

If I believe what the bible says about God’s character and the way he wove my body together, the fact that he, as my shepherd, speaks to me and guides and directs me (see John 10), then I know that this eating thing is not without his care and concern. I know that the way he designed my body to work will be effective to accomplish what He desires:

1.) My body has a need for physical fuel
2.) My body will signal me when it needs food.
3.) My body will signal me when it no longer needs food.
4.) When I follow these signals (living out my belief that this is true), I will be at the size/weight God has determined is good, normal, right for me. It may not be the Barbie Doll size and shape, but it will be His perfect will for me. Do I really want anything else?

There is joy and peace in believing him and what he says. He has made my body to be reliable. It is trustworthy to signal me what it needs.

Am I junk? No matter what condition I currently find myself, the answer is NO. God hasn’t made junk and I can’t thwart the works of his hands. I can believe him: No matter where I am right now, my physical signals for hunger and satisfaction are reliable. I can hearken to heart hunger, head hunger, and physical hunger…giving each what they need accordingly.

Do you struggle with believing that you are junk? Do you think that, in the years since your birth, you have “messed up” what God has done?  Are you willing to reject these lies and to ask God to help you to think biblically so you can live biblically? If you feel so inclined, share with us what God is doing in your heart and mind right now. I am praying for you.