Michael Hyatt didn’t get to be CEO of the largest Christian publishing company in the world by chance. And he really has some great ideas. I read his blog pretty regularly. I want to share some wisdom he shared on Monday with you. Remember, as with any human advice, subject it prayerfully to the Lord. Like, for me, I go “wonky” into legalism and obsession if I “track” anything. So whenever someone suggests that, I have to ask God “Is now the time to change and start tracking again?” So far, God has said, “No. Not time.” Of course, I refer to the use of a bathroom scale and writing down my weight. I don’t do it. I don’t have a bathroom scale.

So, with that caveat, I want to introduce you to Michael Hyatt and his post “Five Strategies for Building New Habits.”

What do you think of Michael’s suggestions? Are any of them valuable for you and the place where you currently find yourself on your journey? Which ones?