We have three coaches available to help you on your journey to become a peaceful eater.


Heidi Bylsma-Epperson, Owner Thin Within

Heidi Bylsma-Epperson began with Thin Within in 2000. She collaborated with Arthur and Judy Halliday on the writing of the Thin Within book and many talented and gifted others on the creation of the Thin Within Workbook series, a 4-workbook series designed to support participants through a year on their Thin Within journeys!

Heidi coaches individuals and small groups in all things related to the Thin Within journey with a special emphasis on learning to think God’s thoughts after Him. When we learn to think differently, we can learn to believe differently. When we believe differently, we also ACT differently.

Heidi has been certified by the Institute for the Psychology of Eating as a Mind, Body, Eating Coach and just completed her Revelation Wellness® Instructor certification. Be watching for online exercise classes coming soon in 2022!

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Christina Motley, Thin Within Coach

Christina Motley began her journey with intuitive eating as a ThinWithin participant more than twenty years ago after many years of disordered eating and over-exercising. Seven years ago she experienced victory in releasing weight and keeping it off after learning how to live a surrendered life of Christ centered mind renewal. Along with supporting the Thin Within ministry in many ways Christina has coached groups with Heidi for the past six years and is now excited to also offer one-on-one coaching!

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Michael Epperson, MBE Coach

Michael Epperson is certified by the Institute for the Psychology of Eating as a Mind, Body, Eating Coach and also is a Functional Nutrition Counselor (certified). He is currently studying with Trauma Healing Accelerated to learn more about how trauma affects the body. He is available for personal coaching as well.

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