Judy Halliday Author and Founder
Judy Halliday
Author and Founder

Judy Wardell Halliday, Founder and Author. In 1975 Joy Imboden Overstreet and Judy began to share principles they observed in naturally thin eaters–those who remained a healthy size without dieting or obsessive exercise. Since that time, thousands upon thousands have been set free from carrying extra weight on their bodies through the Thin Within principles.

In 1985, Jesus got a hold of Judy’s heart and she has served him as Savior and King ever since.  Thin Within moved from basements and public libraries to churches across the country, sharing the truth that God grants freedom for his captives and equips his children with the Holy Spirit.

Judy continues to show captives the way to freedom from overeating, dysfunctional views of food and their bodies, pointing the way through the cross of Christ. She serves in the deacon ministry of her local church and occasionally speaks to Thin Within groups in person and via conference call. Visit the Halliday Ministries website.

With a background in psychiatric nursing and a close affiliation with medical doctor (her husband is an M.D. :-)), Judy is well poised to encourage participants of all backgrounds and health histories.


Heidi Bylsma Princess of Corporate Communications
Heidi Bylsma-Epperson
Director of Thin Within Ministries

Heidi Bylsma-Epperson, Director of Thin Within Ministries, has been involved “officially” with  Thin Within since 2001. At that time, Heidi wrote passionately on the internet about how God was using Thin Again, a book now published as Hunger Within, to heal her of life-long challenges. Since 2002, she has partnered with the Hallidays in a number of writing projects and now loves connecting with people online and in “real life” to encourage them in their own Thin Within journeys. Heidi’s Thin Within testimony, including her release of 100 pounds of physical weight using the Thin Within approach, can be found here. Heidi is available to speak at retreats and workshops on a number of topics. Is also available for one-on-one coaching and group coaching classes, check out the coaching page for more details.