Around 2008 I first learned about Thin Within and I found Heidi’s blog that chronicled how God healed her emotionally and spiritually so that she could release weight and grow in relationship with Him. For me, this was a radical approach because I didn’t think I could ever break free. I bought the TW book, started participating in some of the on-line chats, and then studied a TW workbook with another local participant. All of it gave me great head knowledge, but I still struggled to put it into practice. I continued to dabble in TW and various forms of dieting for the next 13 years. […]


It is a walk, a journey, a pilgrimage that takes time—a lifetime—give yourself time!! We all need grace, including a community that absolutely loves and accepts us, that mentors us and supports us and also gently encourages us to grow, and takes truth from God’s Word and truth that we hear from each other.
So though I have not “arrived,” I have experienced freedom! I have breathed the free air! I am calm around food! I have lost 40 pounds. Wow! […]


Thin Within brought me back to Jesus. I think in my adult life I was just living through the motions and I was trying to do it on my own. I was not reading my Bible and seeking Jesus. It didn’t work out very well. I struggled with binge eating and Bulimia throughout my adult life. […]

Alex Campos