Thin Within is based on three principles-physical, emotional and spiritual.

The physical principle emphasizes that we eat only when truly hungry and stop eating before we are full. At Thin Within, we use what we call a “Hunger Scale” to track eating patterns. We encourage people to eat when they are at a “0”, or truly hungry, and stop eating when they are at a “5”, which is before they are full. We don’t use label such as “good” foods or “bad” foods. However, as people learn to respond to their God given signals of hunger and fullness, and forego worldly legalistic food rules, they will begin to enjoy the freedom of making healthy well-balanced food and eating choices.

The emotional principle of Thin Within addresses the fact that we often eat in response to being upset, excited, anxious, nervous, depressed, lonely bored, etc At such times we turn to food to fill an emotional or spiritual emptiness, rather than for it’s intended purpose which is physical nourishment. If this substitution becomes a habit food can become an idol rather than a God given gift.

The spiritual principles of Thin Within come into play because it is often hard for us to eat from “0” to “5” in our own strength. We need supernatural strength and power to overcome fleshy habits and indulgence. While food may provide some pleasure and certainly physical nourishment it is not intended to provide spiritual fulfillment, which can only be met through a personal relationship with our Heavenly Father.

Thin Within invites people to participate in a dynamic curriculum that is specifically designed to set them free from a skewed relationship with food, eating and their bodies, and strengthen their relationship with God.

Don’t settle for another weight loss program that only deals with counting calories and the number on the scales. Make lasting and eternal changes in your body, mind and spirit!

Phases of Thin Within

We often speak of Thin Within (TW) as a journey where you travel from one phase to another. These phases are not rigid but a progression along a personal path that God has prepared for you. The three phases are the Freedom Phase, the Discernment Phase, and the Mastery Phase.

They are based on I Cor. 6:12:

 “All things are permissible but not all things are beneficial, therefore I will not be mastered by anything.”  1 Corinthians 6:12

Phase I  Freedom Phase: “All things are permissible”

Here you experience a wonderful freedom from dieting laws, enjoying a variety of foods, including foods declared “bad” by the dieting world. Jesus said all things are permissible and you were meant to enjoy that freedom as you become attentive to your body and experience the reliable hunger/satisfaction mechanism that God has carefully crafted within you.

So in Thin Within there are no “good” foods or “bad” foods; however it’s important to keep in mind  food allergies and dietary restrictions designated by your physician.

Phase II  Discernment Phase: not all things are beneficial”

God reminds us that, “all things are permissible, but not all things are beneficial”. So now it’s time to discern or tune in to your bodies God-given signals and what the Holy Spirit desires to teach you. Yes, you can have the foods you choose, but now it’s time to consider the BEST choice regarding your total well-being.

This is the phase where you begin to evaluate how you feel when you eat certain foods. Eating when you are hungry and stopping at that place of satisfaction requires some discernment as to how your body responds to different foods. You may discover you have more energy and sleep better when making certain food choices and the reverse may also be true.  So your choices are not simply about a “taste bud” sensation but about caring for your body as a whole; as the very temple of the Holy Spirit!

In the discernment phase you will come to realize you have the responsibility to choose wisely taking into account that your God-given freedom is not to be misconstrued as “license” to indulge or overeat whatever looks, smells or sounds good. Our freedom has been purchased at a very high price and true freedom leads to the freedom to obey what God is revealing to you as you progress on your Thin Within journey. Therefore, enjoy your freedom wisely, with a grateful heart!

Phase III  Mastery Phase “I will not be mastered by anything.” 

Our Thin Within journey points us to the only one who is to have mastery over our lives, our bodies and our every choice….the Lord God himself. It’s so easy to turn to food for comfort or escape from whatever troubles us, but God is our only refuge! He is our way of escape.

Oreos or cheese enchiladas are not to have mastery over us! We are to enjoy food, yet we are called to discern when we are hungry and by the power of the Holy Spirit, make wise food choices. God knows what our energy requirements are since He designed us, and it’s exciting to learn to ask Him, to obey His lead, and to depend on Him to direct our choices.

This is the most exciting journey of your life because it really isn’t about the food, eating or weight. It’s about a life that is surrendered to an all-powerful, all-loving God who desires nothing but the best for you….His beloved! Freedom accompanied by surrender and responsibility produces a life of deep abiding joy!