There is a lot going on with the ministry here!

It recently became apparent that there are a lot of reasons for us to set aside the word “thin” in our name. 😬 It doesn’t hold the same value and meaning that it once did. That is one of the blessings of a ministry that has been around for almost 50 years! (Can you believe it? Thin Within began in 1975!)


Now, we want to get lazer focused and offer even more clarity…our desire is not to promote thinness, but to encourage people to let the Lord love them and heal them to wholeness of mind, spirit, AND body. That will look different for all of us!


So, we are in the process of rebranding! The new logo is still under development (Michael says the one at the top of this email is a bit “frilly” for his tastes 😜). After praying about this for months (years, really) and deliberating about what captures our mission, we have been excited to land on Revelation Within. We know that it is similar to another ministry  and we aren’t affiliated with them  (except that I am certified as one of their instructors 😃).


We looked at Hunger Within, Satisfaction Within, His Within, Free Spirit Within, and a variety of non-“Within” names, too.

I wanted to retain the “Within” part of the name so people might recognize that it is still us…brand recognition and all of that.

But, recently, when I was studying The Body Revelation, I realized that this is what we are all longing for…a Revelation! I knew I had found the other half of our name, so we are officially Revelation Within! (But not a part of the other ministry that uses Revelation in their name.)

Christina and I are excited as it so beautifully brings together what we have been teaching without undue emphasis on a body type that may not be God’s best for us. We hope you agree.


While we are NOT officially affiliated with that other ministry (I am not mentioning it specifically so as not to add to the confusion), after studying  The Body Revelation myself, I am launching a study for our community. It will be a semi-small-ish 😌 (no more than 15), coaching-style class and you can get  details at this page.


We are still building the Revelation website. The Thin Within website will see some changes over time, but we plan for all of the content to be accessible one way or the other. If you have purchased courses at Thin Within Academy, never fear…all that will still be accessible to you! If you still want to purchase courses, you can do that, too. (


Our ThinWithin.TEAM is now found at this address (click): RevWithin.Team. We have opened the doors to much of what was formerly Thin Within Inner Circle goodies so you can access them when you are a member. What previously cost $27/month is now $9.99. We struggled a LOT with the decision to go from a free to a pay-for community. We do not take it lightly. We hope that you feel that this cost is worth it. All along the way we have been praying.

We continue to pray as we soar into this new season!