Sometimes, it happens. Another meal out. This one was the kids’ choice–McDonalds. I had the grilled chicken chipotle snack wrap and fries pictured below. The snack wrap has skinless grilled chicken breast, bbq sauce, cheddar cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla. It is pretty good! Actually, a “whole body pleaser” for me. I had fries twice in one day. 😮

Anyone still wanna go on a diet? LOL! I can’t imagine!

A “whole body pleaser” is a food that works well with our bodies…this particular choice at McDonald’s of all places tastes really good to me, is cheap, and I feel great after I eat it. I have long known that my body does best when each time I eat at a 0 I have protein. That is one reason why I won’t just eat cereal at a 0 first thing in the morning. I feel cruddy after I do that. If I want to be the best I can be for all God calls me to do in a day, I need to be energized.

I feel a bit embarassed about eating fries twice in one day…a burger, etc…but my husband has encouraged me that it is important to let the world know that a person can eat this way and still release all their extra weight! One thing that TW teaches is that while all things are permissible, not all are beneficial and that I press on from the “freedom” stage to the “discernment” phase. To be honest, the eating you see here is a huge improvement over where I was previously. Gosh, I hated McDonalds before I discovered the snack wrap…instead I would have eaten the 3 or 5 pieces of fried chicken breast and medium fries at Carls Junior and chased it with an Oreo milkshake!

There has been improvement, but I am still in process!

The key is being physically totally hungry and stopping when I am not. 0 to 5 is what that is called and, as one friend reminded me…this is only one tool of Thin Within. 0 to 5 eating is not the be all end all of Thin Within at all! In fact, it is one tiny part…In fact, truthfully, Thin Within isn’t about food, eating, or my body. It is all about the condition of my heart toward the Lord.

Again, I continue to be in process. Where I may have “arrived” at a weight that is healthy for me, I haven’t “arrived” at a condition of the heart that is completely “cured” of any tendency toward greed and other attitudes that must yet be surrendered. It is a moment by moment process. I must choose to surrender constantly. I sense my tendency toward weakness quite often.