Hubby and I have a routine on Sunday afternoons of going out to lunch. We typically stay in town (we live in a small town without many options) and go to “Main Street Cafe” LOL!

We typically get a burger to share and hubby typically orders additional food, but since he has been applying TW principles, he just ordered a taco today.

So I ordered what we usually order together (my favorite there and about the only time I eat red meat! Go figure!)…a barbeque bacon cheeseburger with fries. I planned to take the leftovers home for my daughter and I to share later.

The waiter was confused about the way I ordered my meal…so he brought the entire meal in a carry out which actually worked out well…I think I will do that on purpose in the future. I then took what I wanted out of the carry out to put on a plate and closed the lid.

The picture below shows what I didn’t eat on the left in the carryout and what I actually ate for lunch on the right. What isn’t pictured is the extra barbeque sauce (VERY tasty!) that I dip the french fries in! Oh, and I had three chips and salsa while we waited for our food. Eating slowly makes all the difference in the world.

Yummy! I have had this for quite a while on almost a weekly basis…Oh…before I would have eaten ALL of it all by myself and had dessert when I got home.

When I first began TW I would have eaten half the burger. God encouraged me to refine my hunger numbers as things went on. This meal was about three hours ago and I am just beginning to get hungry again.

I hope seeing these pictures has been helpful. It has been for me to be more accountable. 🙂

I know some of you come to this blog not believing that someone can eat like this and get to their ideal weight, having released 100 pounds! But it is true. And my cholesterol levels are healthy, my blood pressure is still normal. God does amazing things when we eat in moderation. I am so thankful for the freedom He has given me. I truly am.