Hi, everyone. I will be following this entry with one about the chapter from last week, so that is why there are two posts today.

This week, please read and complete chapter 22 and chapter 23. These are on pages 232 – 253.

I want to give a full week to these two chapters because they actually walk you through some time in God’s Word and other strategies for learning, believing and proclaiming truth.

If you finish these two chapters before the week is up, feel free to either go back to another chapter you may have glossed over too quickly or go ahead to the next or use the suggestions in chapters 22 and 23 to create your own time with the Lord. For instance, personalize other scriptures in your journal. I would love to see what you have done here. This is where application can be such fun and truly revolutionize our lives!

Continue with gratitude statements written out in your journal or in a blog and let us know the link for the blog if you have one! Mine is here.

Respond here at the blog if you like to these questions:

1.) Are you consistent in being at a 0 before you eat?
2.) Have you found 5 consistently?
3.) What are your biggest hindrances if not?
4.) Are you rejoicing in moments captured for Christ (like the marble jar illustration)?
5.) What physical, emotional, and spiritual changes have you experienced in the last couple of months?

Ever onward!