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I want to be sure I don’t forget to highlight some things in chapter 21 that have stood out for me as I have gone through this material this time.

We pray that you have surrendered to the Lord your heartache and pain, trusting that in His sovereignty He will redeem it. Truly it is only in knowing with confidence that He is sovereign and good that we can release our minds, our emotions, our wills, and our unmet needs to Him. Thin Within, page 221.

This is why it helps so much, as we go through this material, to focus on GOD, not on ourselves, our “successes” or our “failures.” As we get to know what God is really like and as we learn how He interacts with us and what He says about us, we see that He is amazing, and good and wonderful, compassionate, loving, patient…and the list goes on and on. THIS is a God that I can trust! THIS is a God I can believe for my healing.

When my focus is on me, my food, my weight (if I am losing or not), my clothes…and on and on–ME–I miss it. I miss seeing how awesome HE is and that I can release my longing for food to Him and trust that He will show up and be enough. If I wait long enough, he will NOT disappoint. But if I don’t ever get to know him, I won’t believe or trust him and food will continue to be an overwhelming lure to comfort my heart. Food will continue to seem preferable to God because I never took the time to get to know Him. If I know Him, I will long for HIM and want to be with HIM. I won’t want anything to stand in the way of fellowship with Him.

I have a friend who has been an incredible, VIVID example of this. She began wanting to dare to trust God that He would be sufficient in her emptiness if she didn’t keep grabbing for food. The cool thing is, as she has taken time to really get to know Him in a new way, to pray, to journal, to read her bible during her “waiting” times, she has seen Him as He is. Now this friend of mine refuses to let ANYTHING stand between her and the Lord she has been seeing and knowing in a new way. Strongholds are being demolished right and left. HUGE ones! Things she took for granted for years as being fixtures in her life–needed–she is now releasing one by one. It is amazing to see…and I am just positive that it is because she sees God in a new light. She dares to trust him with just one more thing to which she has been clinging.

As you can see, [this] has been about much more than your physical “tent” or body. Truly, if you were to find yourself at the end of [this study] smaller in size, yet without the peace, joy, and freedom we have been pursuing, it would all be in vain. Thin Within, page 221.

I know we want to be smaller. I know we want to be “adorable” and “cute” and wear clothes from the normal stores and swim without being scary, get on an airplane without an extender and so on…but you could be smaller and still never get the most important things…the eternal things. The things that really matter. We have all dieted before and we know how to lose weight. But do we know how to live in freedom? That is what the authors want to be sure we understand…that this journey in the way they present it is about living in freedom!

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.
– Galatians 5:1

We don’t want to become yoked again to a yoke of slavery, so if we are still focusing on the physical, let’s reject that! Let’s get our eyes on the Lord for the rest of our lives (I almost said for the rest of this study, but we don’t EVER want that to change!). HE is worthy of our focus, our obsession, our joy!