Hi, everyone! This week I sure enjoyed using the tools in chapters 22 and 23. Did you? I love that I was reminded of valuable, rich ways of growing in my walk with the Lord by personalizing scripture, by praying scripture and the other suggestions for strengthening my belief system. Loved that and will continue to use these tools!

This week, let’s go for it and attempt to complete chapters 24, 25, and 26. This will leave us with one more week, when we will complete the book…but don’t rush ahead yet! I hope you will stick with us this week and really work through this material.

Chapter 24 will really challenge us to see what we are willing to do in order to accomplish the goals that we felt God called us to set earlier on in our study. I hope you will prayerfully read, study, and do the work in this chapter. It is bound to exhort us…maybe even rebuke us a bit, but God is faithful and will strengthen us. His Word says that He has given us everything we need for life and godliness!

Chapter 25 is a great chapter to help us to plan strategies for how we can keep our godly boundaries in difficult circumstances. Having an “advance battle plan” can really make all the difference in the world!

Chapter 26 will also spur us to evaluate the difference between godly satisfaction and more fleshly gratification.

Continue to praise God for His attributes! Share any gratitudes that you may want to with us here at this blog in the comments or let us know where to find your blog online where you tell about what God is doing!

Let’s recommit to eating when we are hungry (only), stopping when we are no longer hungry and going to God whenever we are drawn to food at any other time!

Hangeth thou in there! 🙂