Epiphany! Revelation! A Blinding Flash of the Obvious!

A realization hit me following a late dinner. I had a meeting at church last night. I got home very late and was famished–truly at a 0. As I debriefed the meeting with my husband, I suddenly realized that the little steak I was eating was gone. I hadn’t taken the time to enjoy it. I hadn’t focused on the explosion of flavors from having marinaded the steak for 2 days. 🙂 Hubby had carefully and perfectly barbequed this little “Omaha Steak” and it was incredible. Tender and cooked to perfection. Yet, somehow, I had missed it…AND eaten it all! Sucked the thing right down.

And, in the past, that little steak would have lasted a couple of meals. Even if if IS tiny. :-/

Not only that, but I chased it with dessert–inhaled….

As I fell asleep last night, I thought over what I had eaten during the very busy day. I realized that all day yesterday, my meals involved more food than in the past. If I were to compare yesterday with a year ago, I bet I had eaten twice as much. NOT ok!

I think I will have to cut my portions in half again and see where I go with that.

Wow! I wonder what else I am blind to in my life? I bet a lot. :-/

Psalm 139:23…Search me O God and know my heart…

The light went on today and I discovered that greed has returned.

And, sadly, I tuned out the voice of God. I heard his whisper to my heart and turned my back. How often have I done that! 🙁

This brings home to me that food isn’t the problem. But in this case my eating says a lot about my heart. I have allowed attitudes to re-emerge that have caused physical boundaries to weaken. My focus has shifted again…subtly and I see it clearly as I look at yesterday. Wow. I turned my “deaf ear” to the Lord. Didn’t feel rebellious..just felt hurried. :-/

Hmm…Reality check time.

I am redefining my stopping point for my meals today. “0” or “satisfied” will be when I no longer am hungry. (This is what it used to be!)

Lord, please be my portion today. Be my satisfaction. Help me to see the truth about myself and about you. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.