Hi, everyone. I am still in chapter 2 of the H.E.A.L. book. I really love the fresh presentation of familiar material that Allie and Judy have put together. If you are familiar with Thin Within, I hope you are enjoying it as well. And if you aren’t familiar with Thin Within, I hope you are enjoying it! LOL!

One big difference between the way Thin Within and HEAL present similar material is found on page 42. The “HEAL Pyramid” is a concept that I know that Judy Halliday has long felt strongly about, but it hasn’t made it into the Thin Within materials in a concrete way. Here is the pyramid so those of you without the HEAL book can see what I am talking about:

One thing I would like to really comment on is the fact that actually, these aren’t layers that go from one to the other, leaving the previous layer behind. Our “Relationship With God” is foundational, but also actually runs through all the other layers. We don’t “check it off our list” as something that we have “been there and done that.” So technically, all of these layers blend into the others.

What this pyramid DOES show is that the focus is to be my relationship with God, first and foremost! I have found that, as I get comfortable and faithful, for instance, with hunger-fullness eating, it is all too easy for my focus and foundation to shift…The TW book *does* address this, but there isn’t a visual like the pyramid that so spells it out. It can shift to being about the food, about the “technique” of eating between 0 and 5 instead of remaining focused on the Lord and dependent on Him. All along the way this has to remain being about the LORD. He cares little about my physical body in comparison with my heart. This is what I mean:
What I am trying to show above is that my relationship with God must remain in and through everything I do…be it the emotional things I discover I use food for (that one is more obvious), or the awareness of physical hunger and satisfaction…and on into my beginning to exercise more and more discernment regarding which foods make my body operate at its maximum efficiency!

All along the way, the Lord will affect what I do, say, think, desire.

Allie points this out on page 43:

God is the rock we must cling to. He made us and knows us intimately, so it follows that he would know what’s best for our bodies and how they’ve been designed to function.

After further discussion about this, we are asked: “What can you do specifically to make sure God is the foundation of your life as well as your HEAL Journey?

I would love to know what you think. Feel free to comment here.

To me, this is probably the most important question we can answer as we proceed. If we gloss over this or blow by it because it seems irrelevant, we will miss it. 🙂

If you have been reading here at the blog, please dive in…take time to respond here with your thoughts about this. What can YOU do, practically, to ensure that you keep your focus on the LORD! 🙂