Pull up a chair and get something you enjoy to drink…fresh water works, too, if you aren’t hungry! 🙂 Let’s put up our feet and, if it is cool in the part of the world where you live right now, get a comfy blanket to snuggle up in.

I have just done these very things. It is a beautiful morning in Cool, California (yes, I live in a place called “Cool!”) With the windows thrown open wide, the sunshine is pouring in, but so is the cool air (it is about 56 degrees!). So, I have my throw, my mug of yummy white chocolate caramel cappucino. In my living room, I can easily imagine sitting around with my cyber-space girlfriends. I wish we could all be together in real space and time! 🙂

Lord, please guide and direct this “group” study of the second lesson in the HEAL book. Most of all, I pray that we might catch a glimpse of what you want for each of us individually. What an author calls “Basics” may be challenging to me, Lord. I ask that you help me not to embrace a burden of condemnation–likewise, I pray that you would keep me from making excuses. Maybe you are calling me to take a larger step forward than I have been willing to make in a long while. Lord, help me to believe you for what you want to do in my life. Help me to follow you…if you want me to take a big leap, help me to do so and to trust you to catch me. If you want me to take a baby step forward, I pray that I would do that. Help me not to condemn myself using the words of others (including an author of a book I read or study), but to allow you to challenge me to experience the new thing you say you are doing even now! In the Name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

If you have the HEAL book, I am on page 51. We are asked by the authors if anything in the lesson resonated with us. What did God teach you through lesson 2? If those of you who completed the lesson respond here, God may use your words to encourage even those who don’t have the HEAL book. PLEASE respond here! 🙂

Other questions we are asked include:

  • Have you ever dieted? If so, what was that experience like?
  • How is your previous concept of “healthy eating” similar or different from HEAL?
  • When do you engage in all-or-nothing thinking?
  • What lies about yourself have you believed?
  • How have your accountability moments been going?
  • What phase of the HEAL pyramid do you need to grow in the most at this point on your journey?

Wow! There is so much here in just these questions alone! I want to give you all a chance to respond to these without my own commentary about each question.

I will share this, though (of course!)…I think one of the things that struck me was how controlled I am (even still!) by my dieting past. No, not in the same way, but controlled in an opposite sort of way. I don’t want to be obsessive about “healthy foods” like I did in the past. I don’t want to fixate on calorie content, fat grams, carbs, and proteins and labels. So, I swing way to the other extreme…where I don’t even allow myself to consider these things as tools that God can use in my journey. Sure, sometimes, I sort of do…but generally I don’t.

I think it boils down to being controlled by a spirit of fear. I am so fearful of allowing myself to be obsessive again with exercise (logging minutes, miles, repetitions, sets, etc., etc.) and with food that I throw out (almost) all intelligent thought about these things. Truth is, this is being controlled just as much as I was before–when I obsessed. God wants me to be free from this fear so that I can walk in knowledge and in peace. He can use information about food content to encourage my heart, my health, and my life so that I can glorify him. Will I dare to grow in this? Yikes!

Oh dear! There it is again! That call for balance! I don’t trust myself to handle it well, I guess!

Or…hhmmm… even as I type that, I wonder…am I making excuses again for indulging my flesh? Hmmm….I have a lot to pray through!

Ok…YOUR turn! 🙂