Yesterday morning it was time for me to read Lesson 2 in the Thin Within workbook. I have to admit that I wasn’t very excited. In spite of how God used last week’s lesson in a fresh way, I still approached this week’s lesson with skepticism. Hard heart. The desert of my heart was evident. Sadly, though, I didn’t find myself longing for life-giving water. I longed more for my bed, I guess.

I prayed that God would do a new thing–cause me to see His truth afresh…then, I proceeded to scrutinize and criticize (and other “ize-ing”) as I read. (This is one drawback to having been involved in the writing of the TW book and workbook…)

As I began Week 2 Day 1 exercises in the workbook, I was really thrown for a loop. Relative to 1 Corinthians 6:18: “You are not your own, you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body…” I was asked “Do you see your body as honoring to God?”

For some reason, this totally flattened me. Why, after all God has done, am I not able to answer with a resounding “YES”?

I am still, a full day later…reeling over this realization. In my head, I know that God has chosen to indwell me with His Shekinah glory. My body was purchased by Him for His chosen dwelling place on earth. Period. That is the fact.

So, why don’t I *feel* like my body honors God?

I have to think this is likely an issue of belief rooted in my past.

I am seeking God to show me what this is about. If it is because of current sin, I want to know that. It seems strange that I might not know the difference between conviction of the HOLY Spirit, and condemnation and accusation of the UNHOLY enemy.

Something seems really wrong!

True confessions.