The above is a photo of my sweetie on Breezy taken this morning on our trail ride. I am so blessed. Last year and this year, I have enjoyed doing things I couldn’t do before…before I released 100 pounds. Last year, I rode the horses. This year, hubby and I are riding together since I was able to ride my husband’s horse all winter and get and keep him in shape and since we have the most wonderful trainer, Melissa Pelletier, who has enabled me to ride Harley out on the trail with hubby riding Breezy.

Before, there were two things holding me back…my weight was the most glaringly obvious. As many of you know, I weighed 250 pounds. Breezy, featured above, is a small horse–barely 800 pounds himself. I rode him just for 20-30 minutes at a time.

My own horse, Harely, was too sensitive and while able to handle a heavy person, a heavy person who didn’t know where she was in space (partly due to gaining, losing, gaining weight so often and so fast) was *not* something he could do. There were other reasons he couldn’t carry me, too, of coure. Melissa helped with all of it in the Spring of 2007 and again early this spring.

I love my horses…my Harley is my dream horse in many ways. Now that I am not worried about my weight and where I am in space, my confidence has increased so that I am able to ride him. Breezy is in shape enough for hubby to be able to ride him…and we can once again ride together on the trails. Oh what joy! It is hard for me to accept that I allowed my weight–something that is changeable–to keep me from enjoying my horses–my life–for so long.

I enjoy them so much now.

Here is a photo of Harley and me this morning.

Isn’t he just the cutest thing? The four of us had a wonderful ride this morning. It was a dreamy hour and a half. Just enough energy…and willing horses…and, well…oh my heart be still! Bob is my best friend and my husband. Riding alongside of him, we could even hold hands. LOL! We don’t do that often, but oh how far we have come!!!!! I am so thrilled!

I am thankful to God for removing the weight and the burden in my heart and thankful that He led us to Melissa Pelletier, too. She made all the difference in the world with Harley and me as well.