Doing a bit better with the things that had me concerned last I wrote. I need to release my hold on caffeinated soda. So hereby begins the decrease of that. I typically drink caffeine free diet soda, but sometimes, have way too much normal diet coke in a day. So…Goodbye to that! I won’t even confess what I have been drinking…as it is obscene! But no more. I am convinced that the postural hypotension that I seem to have been struggling with is related to all the caffeine since diuretics can cause that and caffeine is a diuretic!

The constipation seems to be behind me. LOL! I hope! I may have to use some of that fiber stuff that you add to beverages…forget what it is called, but we have that. Not Metamusil…it is something else, basically a psyllium product.

Today I was able to enjoy Dance Praise again. I was so uncomfortable over the weekend that I missed out on that!

Back to “normal” I hope!