I am having a hard time with dizziness and light-headedness, headaches and other weird stuff.

I am not bypassing hunger intentionally. So if I am bypassing it, it is because the signal flew by me. When I eat, I like to stop when I don’t feel anything in my stomach. No hunger, no food pushing against the sides of my stomach….but with as active as I am maybe it isn’t enough…. I am wondering if I am dealing with low blood sugar more than I realize. I do lots of horse chores and work outside and I love to exercise using http://www.digitalpraise.com “Dance Praise” or other way of moving around…I am not sedentary.

I realize that this is a part of my journey and since I have shared other aspects of my journey…all good stuff….I figured I should share this. If any of you have experience with this, I would sure welcome hearing about it.

I may have to go to my doctor…I really don’t want to. The last time I was there, her comment about my weight gain was “Wow…your *poor* horses!” Talk about professional. :-/ While I am at least 35 pounds lighter than I was at that appointment, I still don’t want to see her. Bleah.

I hate going to the doctor even if they aren’t rude and condescending.

One other problem I am having…sigh…another true confession…constipation! BLEAH! I can’t stand eating a thing when I feel this bloated!

My journey…the good, the bad, the ugly…bleah!

I prefer the good!