Image Source: iStockPhoto

Image Source: iStockPhoto

Imagine being prepped as a child to become a dieter later in life. Imagine being taken captive by the dieting world in a way that caused you to be obsessed…feeling like no matter what your success, it just was never good enough!

In the following sound file “Carrie,” also known as CMK in our community here, tells of how she was prepped for being a dieter in her early years, how she took the plunge into dieting, how the diet mentality affected her and her quest to get out. She has been victorious!

Carrie supports others here at God Is Doing A New Thing through her comments as well as in private email. She has made HUGE strides in breaking free from the dieting mentality that plagued her for so long. She is experiencing freedom and joy evident in her testimony shared in this video.

Carrie also shares some practical tools that have enabled her to walk in freedom.

Just so you know, while MY audio sound is AWFUL, Carrie’s is clear without being muffled and too loud (like mine). I don’t say much in this interview, so if you can tolerate the few times where my audio bursts in, I think you will enjoy the audio.
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In what ways have you discovered the “dieting mentality” affects your thinking? How has this served you? How has this stood in the way of accomplishing your godly goals?