As I approached chapter 3 in Thin Within, I continued my running list of God’s attributes and the way he relates to me, His child. Praising Him for these truths sooo lifts my spirit and starts my day with my focus where it belongs…on Him! I only read, studied and prayed my way through the bottom of page 31.

Before I go ANY further, I want want WANT you to know how I feel about the “goal setting” activity. THIS IS IMPORTANT! 🙂 Thus, the additional video:

Giving Glory to God is the foundational purpose for your life. (Thin Within, page 28)

Note what is NOT the foundational purpose–that of being THIN! Or of weighing 135 lbs … Or a million other things that we might tend to chase after!

If we allow God to form and shape our character, we will become more like Jesus… (Thin Within, page 28)

Truly, this should be our #1 goal and the goal through which everything else is sifted! If goals that we set and our response to our behavior about these goals keep us from becoming more like the Lord, then we have to do some serious adjustment either of our goals, how we are thinking about them, or all of the above.

Therefore, I URGE you, I BEG you…do NOT make your physical goal a number on the scale! My goal is worded this way on page 31…as I shared in the video:

“After praying about it and inviting Him to indicate His will to me, my goal for [the end of the summer] is to be able to have more wiggle room in my Levis jeans (which are currently tight). I want to be able to move in them, work in them, ride horses in them without being goosed or rubbed raw.”

This is my physical goal regarding my size. It is NOT a weight. It is not even a “size”…it is “this pair of jeans will fit this way…” more than that.

If you feel like God wants to really shrink you down in size a lot by the end of the summer, then I encourage you to word your goal differently, too. “…my goal is to be…able to sit in the airplane seat in September without a seat belt extender…” or “…to be able to shop for clothes in Nordstrom’s instead of ‘Big and Beautiful’ stores” or… “to be able to sit in the chairs at the dentist office in August, without feeling the sides pressing in on my hips uncomfortably…”

See what I mean? 🙂 PLEASE ask God if he would have you do the same. Tell us about it here, ok? 🙂

PLEASE DO NOT USE THE BATHROOM SCALE AT ALL!!! I know this is radical, but you know how I have been singing the song “Focus on the Lord Focus on the Lord?” The scale is THE BEST WAY TO STOP FOCUSING on the LORD and to focus on yourself and your supposed performance! PLEASE DON’T GO THERE! You and I both have done that before and has it served us well? NO!

For the summer, will you PLEASE do something radical? Ask a best friend to keep your bathroom scale in the garage at her house and not to give it back to you until September? Or, better, throw it away?


Judy Halliday likes to say that if we put as much effort into hearkening our God-given signals on the God-given HUNGER SCALE as we do on the man-made bathroom scale, we would release any excess weight and have lives of peace and joy! The scale is a tool of condemnation and can you condemn yourself into positive change? NO WAY!

Oh, my…I really am making a BIG deal about this. I mean it!!!!! In fact, I meet with my accountability partner in just about a half an hour…I am going to walk my talk and do that very thing…ask her to take my scale and lock it in her trunk!!! I don’t want it back!

Who is WITH ME!!!