Hi, everyone! Wow! We are hitting the trail running…or it seems that way to me. Let’s see how it works this week if we have as a very tentative goal, that of reading and working through three chapters–chapters 3, 4, and 5. I think this is a bit ambitious for me personally…but let’s see what happens! Let’s each go at the pace God directs us personally!

Here is the video for this week. I apologize that it is about 5 minutes long. I get excited about this stuff…

As you read chapters 3, 4, and 5 (or whatever the Lord leads), please do the following:

  • Keep adding to your list of attributes of God and the way he relates to you, His child.
  • Take time daily (or more often) to pray praises to Him and thanking him for these attributes on your list, asking him to make them more real to you. (I give an example of this in the video.) Praising and worshiping him in faith even if you struggle feeling the reality of these things makes a HUGE difference in our perspective and our walk on this journey (for our entire lives!)
  • Keep asking HIM about which “tools” mentioned in the book you should use right now. The tools can be tools of grace, but some of us need some more distance from dieting charts and graphs before we can use them that way. Just keep asking Him.
  • Invite HIM into your eating. If you make eating a time of fellowship with the Lord, I believe that the keys to conscious eating will (super)naturally become a part of it…for instance, if you say, “Lord, thank you for this food…thank you for providing tasty fuel when my body needs it,” you are likely to get a check in your spirit if you are NOT at a “0” yet! Ask the Lord to help you to get to know your body’s physical signals and then use what you learn to praise and exalt GOD, not the food, not the “good job” you are doing This is HUGE! It made all the difference in the world for me and will again! 🙂
  • As you consider each bite of the food and the swallow of the beverages you choose, again, focus your attention on and praise the Lord. Tell him how wonderful the tastes and textures are and then ask him to help you not to eat more than you NEED. I like to “offer” back the last couple of bites of any food I have been enjoying. Even if I took a very small portion, I can give back something to him. Typically, I have found that giving up those couple of bites doesn’t keep me from a comfortable “5”…and it sure helps to curb my tendency to be greedy. It is one way I keep my flesh in check, I guess (but it isn’t a law!) The fact is, I can get more to eat if, in 20 minutes I still feel hungry. I feel like I am most in the heart of God’s will when I delight in HIS creativity, HIS provision during my meals…It is ALL about HIM! 🙂

Remember most of all…if you focus on HIM and HIS greatness, you will experience a satisfaction in your soul that NOTHING else can touch! There are *reasons* we are drawn to food when we aren’t physically hungry and, often, at the heart of all of these reasons is a big emptiness that God alone can satisfy. If we develop an ability to focus on Him, praise Him, pray to Him, we will find that those things that lure us to food when we aren’t physically hungry will fade! Honestly! Not only that, but a lot of other challenges in our lives will fall into their rightful place. It is the “Seek first His righteousness and all these things will be added to you as well” principle again!

If you have time and feel led, I do hope you will post here what God shows you in your time with Him. Or post the link toyour blog entry if you are doing it that way. I don’t want to miss any of it!

Big hugs to you! Oh, how you thrill his heart! 🙂