So, assuming that I am at yet another point in time when I feel lured to food. I have committed to waiting 5 minutes before eating and to be still (even if just in my spirit for a bit) and ask myself in company with the Lord, “Am I physically in need of food?”

Once again (this happens more than I care to admit…is that the way it is for you, too?), the answer is “No.” I know that I really am not at “empty.”

So I go a step further (again) as this is the process I have committed to:

“So I am being lured to food. What is this about now?”

Sometimes, I simply *want* food. I just *want* to eat. The other day I was working with my daughter on something in the kitchen. She had to sit still. She had fixated on a package of Costco chocolate muffins that were on the counter. She kept commenting that she *wanted* one. I finally moved the package to a new location…not in ready view. You know what happened? She totally forgot about the muffins. She didn’t “want” them any more. This sure illustrated something for me. If I fix my eyes (or thoughts) on the food, I am more likely to just want it just because. To try to NOT want it, is to still think about it…So I have to focus on something else. I just have to! Sometimes, it can be as simple as putting food where I can’t see it–covering it with a napkin or putting it in a cupboard…or a take out container if it is at the end of a meal at a restaurant.

Other times, I have to be intentional to start focusing on whatever is lovely, good, excellent or praiseworthy instead (Philippians 4:8).

So sometimes, when I put off eating for 5 minutes, to connect with God, it is as simple as I just want the food. I can reconnect with God and be reminded that the muffins will be there when I am hungry and I can eat some then…It really is simple. Not easy, but simple.

To be honest, it is at times like this when I get to see what is in my heart. Sometimes I rebel at the thought of waiting. I want it now. I have to realize that I really am rebelling against my Lord and Savior and what he calls me to do. He wants what is best. As small and insignificant as a chocolate muffin may seem right now in the face of eternity relative to my size, what DOES matter is what hardening my heart against my Savior does to me and my relationship with him. THAT  is what really matters. Do I really want to do that????