I am still amazed at the changes God has made in me. It really isn’t about food. It is about God and His desire to be Lord. I am so thankful that I have Him in my life. I could never “hold it together” without Him. I trust HE will “hold it together.”

One of the exercises in today’s reading was to take a negative thought, write it out and replace it with a positive thought. My negative thought: “This will never ‘stick.’ I will gain the weight back like I always do.”

I choose to replace it with GOD’s truth which is: “The LORD has worked these changes in me. As I remain focused on Him (by HIS grace!), these WILL be ongoing permanent changes in my heart and life.”

Another activity was to evaluate some character qualities that I think God wants to develop more in my life. I chose integrity, humility, gentleness. There was a written activity about how these things will be evident in my life as God works them in me.

I remember thinking in the past that the last third of the book didn’t really apply to the TW journey of eating 0-5 and releasing weight. It is interesting to me now just how related I see it as being. This is about my character. God uses eating occasions to work on my character. Food has long been an issue, a problem for me. How wonderful that God will use my thoughts of food to create a field for change for me…in things that are much more far reaching than just how much I weigh. God is all wise.

The thing I highlighted today: “God will not abandon you as you wrestle with issues of food and weight, even if you ‘fail’ with 0 to 5 eating. He is still with you, loving you, calling you to return to Him so He can wipe the tears from your eyes and lead you down the path of His provision as you live the holy life. When the enemy asks, ‘Where is your God?’ resolutely declare, ‘He is in the same place He has always been, He is right here with me.'”

This is from the Thin Within book on pg. 248.

Thank you, Lord!