Just finished reading Day 26. Did Day 25 yesterday in a rush.

On page 267 there is an exercise in Day 25 about what are some potential obstacles that I might face. I am then to brainstorm a possible solution for that potential problem. Like one friend said, “Plan in advance what I WILL do when the temptation/challenge comes.” I think this advanced planning is a good idea.

I still enjoy that there is no obsession for me right now. Yes, as I posted, I could see the potential there. But it is minor and fades away when I don’t feed it. I can’t believe how absolutely different this experience has been for me this go through.

Another good thing about Day 25 was it helped me to remember that I can evaluate the reasons for any eating “occasion.” Like if it is a party, or a typical family meal, or some sort of get-together. If I evaluate WHY I am there and what I hope to gain, then eating isn’t the focus. Like meal-times with my family members….I enjoy those not because of *eating* together, but because of interacting with my family members. I can do that whether I eat a meal, sip on a drink, or abstain from anything other than enjoying conversation with them.

Today’s reading, Day 26, was focused on the abundance of a life lived walking with the Lord. Anything else I turn to for satisfaction will leave me wanting. We were challenged to write a Good-bye to ______ (it could be food or anything else we tend to turn to instead of the Lord). I chose to write a short “Good bye to approval of man” letter. LOL!

There were LOADS of great quotes in this day’s reading, but I won’t quote any here. 🙂 It was good to be reminded that King Solomon had seen it all, experienced it all while looking for meaning and satisfaction. He found that trying to satisfy a God-shaped void with anything else was meaningless.

Ever onward!