Today we traveled from the Assateague area — Ocean City, Maryland — to our first stop for the day– the Dover Speedway! Daniel and Big Boy Bob (hubby) were pretty much beside themselves with glee about this stop, as Bob had arranged with one of the PR people there at Dover a personal tour, including driving around the race track like a NASCAR driver! Well, ok, not so much like a NASCAR driver as a pace car driver. LOL! It was VERY exciting and we have lots of pictures that we took of the experience. The man who took us around, George, says his “official” title there at Dover is “Historian!” Ya gotta love that!

After we stopped there and enjoyed an hour or so of playing on the race track, we stopped at Denny’s. What a relief NOT to eat at McDonalds! Daniel actually ATE food at a restaurant OTHER than McDonald’s and Burger King! (YAY, Daniel!) Michaela and I split some nachos which were absolutely WONDERFUL. Both our early meal and the lunch time meal were 0 to 5 for me. YAY! Thank you, Lord, for providing food that would sustain my body *and* that tasted good *and* working in me to stop at 5.

Following our lunch, we headed off for the BIG city again. Oh my! We have been spoiled being in Chincoteague, Assateague and Williamsburg the past few days. It was so quiet and lush and now we were in the middle of city chaos! Philadelphia! What historic trip would be complete without visiting the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and other sights and sounds of Philadelphia?

By the time we left Philadelphia we were convinced that drivers are NUTS in that part of these United States! Oh my! California drivers aren’t even *that* bad. Seems like all the drivers we about RAN into, or who about RAN into us had the attitude of this little animated guy…eek!!!! Road Rage Afraid

We are spending the night in a two bedroom suite in Malvern, Pennsylvania. We head off to Lancaster tomorrow….on our way to Baltimore…phew…I think this has been a MARATHON!

Tonight, amazing as it sounds, we actually all ate at Applebees! Daniel ate there, too! SHOCK of all SHOCKS! I had the riblet basket, shoveled most of my fries and some of the riblets to my family members and chased it all down by splitting two monstrous sized desserts between the four of us. PHEW! We were all so famished by the time dinner came that I ate too fast. I have to work on slowing down when I am really really hungry, as I would say I landed at about a 6 on the other side of all of that…but it wasn’t intentional like last night’s chowing down was.

I found today a day of extremes. Being sick and weakened a bit by being sick, I didn’t have the energy to fuss much. I just sat in the passenger seat trying to play “Navigator” for Hubby. Whew…I hope tomorrow we can rest a bit before checking out of the hotel!

My fourth eating occasion was about 5:30 as we were heading out of Philadelphia before we got to the hotel. I had some peanut butter on whole wheat bread and it did JUST the trick for me. That was 0 to 4 or so. I LOVE my peanut butter!

Praying for my live Thin Within group tonight as my co-leader is leading it. They will be starting in about 10 minutes. Lord, I ask that you will be with Pat. Thank you for her partnership in this ministry. Please bring everyone in our group. They are SO faithful and such a blessing to both of us. Thank you for that. Please encourage Pat as she leads with a special outpouring of your grace and lead each lady there to a closer walk with you, ready to go deeper with you and farther with you, Lord. Thank you for all your many blessings! In the Name of Jesus, Amen!