My husband has gotten confused about the different book titles…Thin Again and Thin Within, not able to remember which is which. So, my name for today’s entry is a take off of the way we end up butchering the titles of the books (in fun, of course).

The reason is because I am reading Thin Within …well…Again! LOL! So, today’s entry is Thin Within Again…I have read this material more times than I can count, but NEVER from this perspective…as one leading others through it and with so much that God has done in my life physically, emotionally and spiritually in the past 10 months (since I began this journey again…).

So today, when I began to read and complete Chapter 2 in the Thin Within book, I was surprised by some things! I mean REALLY surprised! I was completing the survey and I was stunned by the things that have changed in me…WOW!

  1. I am more comfortable with myself and my personality than a year ago when I took the survey. Yes, I aspire to be more like Jesus, but I am not hating being in my own skin…I see God IS at work and I can rest in that.
  2. I am extremely optimistic that I can change where as last November when I began, I wasn’t. I’ve seen changes in me physically, sure…but also in deeper things that have come out through my horsemanship…and in my walk with the Lord. Things that encourage me a lot to believe God for more.
  3. I no longer fear derailing my own goals. Weight goal has been surpassed, but also goals with my horses. These may sound worldly or frivolous, but they are deeper…my fears after coming off my horses so much a few years ago had to be overcome and God has personally been walking me through all of these as well as my weight goals.
  4. I was ALWAYS self-conscious before. Now I am not nearly so much so. Yes, this insidious way that pride works its way into my life is still an issue for me, but not nearly so much as it was before. Last November, I marked 10 when I did this survey. This time, I am closer to a 3 or a 4.
  5. My heart isn’t nearly so empty feeling. God has been walking with me and to remove this area of habitual sin from my life has opened up the flood gates of my fellowship with him. Yes, I still have struggles…but it isn’t the stronghold that it was.
  6. I don’t have nearly the level of fear that I once did about releasing my life to God.
  7. God doesn’t seem nearly so distant.
  8. I am living my life more acording to how GOD sees me–as a conqueror in Christ, as a victor! Now what I believe about the Word of God and what I see in my life actually seem to be more synchronous with one another. There isn’t a huge gap between my belief and my experience.

I praise you, Lord, for these amazing changes. I pray that I would continue to cling to you and allow you to work your will in my life. Remove any tendency toward arrogance and pride. Make me humble (yikes, I fear praying that!). Be exalted and may my life point to you, your grace, your goodness, your love, that YOU are more than enough…In the Name of Jesus, Amen.