Well, there they are…sitting on the counter. The nap was sort of ineffective. I will be leaving for my meeting in 15 minutes. Right now, I am basking in the scent in the house…no temptation to carve into the brownies, praise Jesus!

Reading the forums at thinwithin.org and someone wrote something that was straight from God’s own heart to my own. The upshot is… “Press on!” God doesn’t want me camping on my previous successes or camping here trying to figure out what has gone wrong..why I am not still feeling free…He wants me to cling to him, press on and in to him…cling to him with tenacity.

So that is what I am about right now today.

If I don’t post how I do about the brownies, I hope some of you who may visit my blog will email me and ask. I want to be accountable for this!