At the Thin Within forums, someone posted that she had a new realization strike her. That she is ignoring God when she overeats. This strikes me as profound, too. I am so glad she had the courage to share!

I could REALLY identify with this.

God often uses my horses to teach me things. Harley is my very sensitive horse. He loves to GO! I try not to do anything with his face or with my legs unless I really MEAN it. Like lightly touching on the reins (he doesn’t even have a bit in his mouth) means something to him. Touching a thigh to one side and lifting the other…it means something.

I noticed last week when i was riding him that he had become “duller” to what I “said” in my cues. This was disappointing to me. I *want* him responsive to me, while dulled to other things to a degree (like a balloon that blows by on the wind).

Sometimes, it is nice to “desensitize” a horse to some things…like tarps, plastic bags and so on. You slowly saturate them with whatever it is (like plastic bags) and give them experiences that are positive with the item that formerly concerned them so that they ultimately aren’t bothered by it any more. They become insensitive to it. Or non-challant.

Some riders do this without realizing it with their cues. I wondered last week when I rode Harley and he was so dull if I had, in effect, taught him to ignore my “voice.”

I don’t want to be that way with the Lord. I never want to become dull to his “cues.” I want “lightness” and “softness” in my responsiveness. My trainer speaks of how when I barely lift the rein, the response of the horse and his *thought* is to be “Yes? What are we going to do?”

Well, I want to be that way with the Lord. If he even HINTS at something that he wants from me, I want to be there with a “Speak, Lord, I am listening.” Or a “Yes? What are we going to do? What do you want of me?”

I love it when God uses my horses to teach me something.

This photo shows a group of us at a horse clinic working with desensitizing a horse that was worried about lots of things. By the time we were done with a long series of steps (gradually desensitizing him) he wasn’t worried about the umbrella, plastic flag or the chair. He no longer heard their “voices.” May we never grow dull to the voice of the Lord.